Lindsay Lohan on Miley, SNL: So Disappointed!

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Lindsay Lohan has become something of a joke of late.

This is so obvious that you'd think the troubled star would know how to take one, but this is Lindsay Lohan we're talking about. Logic does not apply.

Whether she's suing E*Trade or going off on Glee, LiLo and her camp indignantly bristle at any comedic moment at the walking punchline's expense.

Latest case in point: Miley Cyrus on SNL!

After the above monologue, Lohan fired off an email to Saturday Night Live honcho Lorne Michaels, expressing her disappointment that he allowed it.

Lindsay considered Lorne "a mentor and a father figure" and felt betrayed that he'd actually let Miley Cyrus take shots at her. Get a grip, you tool.

Miles' monologue jingle in question was harmless and self-deprecating:

"I never stole a necklace or got a DUI .. never cheated on wife like that golfer guy," she sang in her ode to Lohan, Tiger Woods and herself, "So what if you can see a little boob from the side ... I'm sorry if I'm not perfect."

So chill out, Lindsay. There are plenty of side boob jokes to go around.


hit me baby one time


i think mily is cool better then selena gomez


miley cyrus's parents divorce is off!!!!!!!!!!! yay


i lov thm both


ok so miley left "hannah" but i would to if i could get a better paying gig. after all i heard she only got $15000 per episode for it. that aside her appearance on snl shows how well she deals with things in the public eye. you go miley live your dream and be true to yourself. i for one believe in you


sorry lindsay thou i usually support u but this one is for miley. shes awesome and the song really make sense, people are fussing over small things she do when there are many other people worse. GO MILEY!!


Lindsay Lohan is being an immature crybaby. Saturday Night Live is all about comedy and satire. Celebrities are always being made fun of on that show and impersonating other stars. This is no different. It's called ACTING. And why would anybody defend Lindsay Lohan over Miley Cyrus? Lindsay Lohan is MUCH worse. At least none of Miley's 'controversies' were illegal. Miley's 'scandals' look like normal teen behavior compared to the antics of Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and Tiger Woods. People try to act like Miley Cyrus is the worst behaved celebrity in Hollywood but she's obviously not.


wow miley i wouldnt be talking dont you think if you had a mom that loves your fame and money and a dad whos a drug addict you would be happy well no! unlike you spoiled brat whos pratically doing drugs and doing a sex video soon. spoiled brat because mommy and daddy are famous.


Maybe Lindsay didn't write this email and Dina did. Yep, Miley can take a joke, was self-deprecating and most jokes were about Charlie Sheen. And to those that say Miley is another Lindsay, no, not at all. Miley puts work before partying/play and is aware of image and public relations, areas where Lindsay is almost totally lacking. She also is responsible, she says she's not perfect, doesn't think that the world is out to get her and is well adept at playing the game in Hollywood, the world's biggest entertainment industry.


its sad now that lohan finally has her cocaine straw out of her nose that shes suddenly so concerned about her public image.

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