Lindsay Lohan Estranged From Dad Yet Again

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Lindsay Lohan and Michael Lohan are once again estranged.

This is far less of a surprise than the fact that, apparently, they were NOT estranged for a time. In any case, they aren't on speaking terms now.

"She's not talking to her dad now," Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, said of her ex-husband, who is in Celebrity Rehab to treat his "anger issues."

The good old days. REALLY old. They're like long gone.

Lindsay and Michael have always had a tumultuous relationship, with MiLo blaming the break-up of his marriage to Dina for Lindsay's problems.

For her part, Lindsay has repeatedly slammed him for talking publicly about her (and refused an invitation to visit him in Rehab for that reason).

According to a source, "Michael Lohan wanted Lindsay, Ali, and the family to come for 'family day' in Rehab. Michael even wanted Dina to come."

That's news to Dina.

"I was never even asked to go to 'family day,'" she told Radar Online.

"I have a criminal stay away order in place. He can not come within 100 yards of me. I would never go to see him on 'family day' or on camera, ever. We have been apart for 15 years, and there are things that need to be worked out privately."

"I don't disapprove of him getting help, but he has to be 100 percent honest," Dina said. "My children would never go in public and sit with him."

That's ... remarkably candid and smart of Dina. What a stunt MiLo is pulling. Dude needs help, sure, but can you think of a worse place to find it?

No offense, Dr. Drew, but seriously.

According to the source, Michael was very upset by his family's refusal to be there for him and he shared his experience on the reality show.


Why cant they just leave it behind instead of creatung drama, Her parents shouldnt spoil her and let her get away with evry thing. Drama shoud seriously STOPP
goshh, she should just visit her dad and get it over and done with it


Ook to much drama in lindsay lohans family and her why cant every one even leave and mine their own business



Rehab is NOT the place at all to solve anything. A more normal setting (definitely not Rehab) and preferably incognito (if thats even possible in this day and age) would be much better. Rehab is for rehab, not working out issues, it's a negative/abnormal environment for an intention towards a happy family overall. Hope LL and parents will make the time AFTER Rehab is over (all the time and cash if they would dedicate or take time off, invest in yourselves-family-issues why don't you), parents do pass on (unless immortality treatment is RELEASED in time) and LL should try to bear them both a grandchild from a HUSBAND if she can. Would be a waste not to, given LL's genetic potential, but damn, like so many of us, LL has wasted so much time.

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