Lindsay Lohan Calming Her Nerves By PARTYING!!!!

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Lindsay Lohan is facing felony grand theft charges and is on probation for a prior DUI arrest, but why let that stand in the way off a good ass time?!

She has 'til Friday to accept a plea deal and a (relatively) short jail sentence, otherwise she'll be bound for an April trial. It's a lot for her to digest.

That's why she channeled her inner Rebecca Black over the past week, hitting seven hotspots in a four-day span and just partyin', partyin', yeah!

Absolute Mess

On Thursday at Riff Raff, an onlooker says LiLo was "with a girlfriend, clutching onto her signature can of Red Bull. She was definitely in a partying mood."

Also Thursday, LiLo hit up SL and 1Oak where a clubgoer says Lohan wasn't drinking, but "was in a great mood having a good time with friends, dancing."

Adds the clubgoer: "She was under a microscope because people were waiting to see if she was going to drink, but she didn't." Yeah! You show 'em girl!

An insider at one of Lohan's other stops says the actress was back to her old ways, however, and that it's only a matter of time before trouble follows.

"Saturday night at Beauty & Essex, Lindsay was with her brother and sister," the source says. "She was ordering and drinking cocktails, texting nonstop."

She was also "taking pictures and acting a little crazy."

Drinking or not (Lindsay says she doesn't drink, period, but no one can really believe what she says), can she get in legal trouble for her nightlife antics?

It's a gray area for sure. A prosecutor could very well collect evidence that Lohan's been frequenting these places as grounds for a probation violation.

On the flip side, the definition of a place where alcohol is the chief item of sale is sometimes murky, especially if the establishment is also a restaurant.

As for how Lohan's recent habits could affect her recovery, you don't have to be an expert to see how the star's current lifestyle could get problematic.

Drinking, partying, being a klepto. Jail's a callin'.

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What..she's going out..and able to smile..and she's going to places..that are helping her get stress off of being with her friends..and not drinking...but seems like...some crappy people want her 2 mess up..sounds like..acting like she's having fun..taking not an alarm..gees..give her the benifit of doubt..a one knows what she needs to feel ok..but her..and it sounds like she's treating the atmosphere with an adult attitude..seems like the story yells out...come on lindsay mess that sucks...really


It's sad,she used to be talented but's just..sad


She's stupid im sorry to say.. Already in trouble and maken her self look even worse.. That's the way to go NOT.. You need to GROW UP.. Just cuz your a star doesn't give you the right to break the law.. I sure hope you get treated like the rest. Maybe you will learn... Hiho hiho it's Off To Jail You Go...


She may break laws and do unhealthy things but these paprazzis lie too.


what a bitch!


poor girl. i pray for you, hon.


It's clear that Lindsay has never learned even the bare minimum requirement of recovery, which is to stay in sober places with sober people. She's been through rehab five times but she's still living the same old lifestyle. Recovery requires a complete change of lifestyle and values, and Lindsay is either unwilling or incapable of making that change. Personally, I don't think she has what it takes to recover. Her disease is going to kill her directly or indirectly. I just hope she doesn't take other people with her when she goes.


".....clutching her can of Red Bull ... " So that's what to look for guys.


Linsay is human and just like all of us, no one is perfect. The only difference between her and us is that others don't know the shit we do everyday that's cos no one knows about us. To those crucifying her, my advice is simple: Do unto 'them' what u wish 'them' to do unto you. As for me, I'll keep prayin for Linsay. Peace


Come on- light jail time. Anyone of us would see time. She needs jail time to get the point!!!!


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