Lea Black Trashes Sarah Palin, Republican Party: What a Circus!

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No cast member has accused her ex-husband of raping her on a bed of broken glass, nor as any talked incessantly about her divorce from a famous sitcom star.

But, not to worry, Real Housewives of Miami fans, Lea Black knows how to make a few headlines for her Bravo franchise.

She has penned an editorial for The Huffington Post in which she sets out to prove that she's "politically active." After detailing her experience in the field, Black goes on to trash Sarah Palin, offering advice "from one reality star to another: Save the "domestic" drama for your reality show!"

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"Sarah Palin is the sideshow in the circus that everyone wants to watch, but that most people don't take seriously," Black told E! News about the basis for her article. "The Republican Party has become a circus and she's the sideshow act that everyone likes to laugh at, not with."

In the piece, Black calls out Mike Huckabee for repeatedly saying Barack Obama was raised in Kenya; wonders why John Boehner simply takes the President "at his word" when it comes to his religion; and writes:

"There's nothing more anti-American than trying to turn our country against its leader by re-voicing myths that have long since been debunked."

True? False? Readers can debate the merits of Black's arguments. But if he really wants to raise the ratings for her series, Black may need to flip a few tables on air.

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sarah p and her family are trashy the american people will nerver take her serious lol


wait a minute i thought we were talking about that ditz sarah palin


Your blog nailed it Lars Svensen!


i agreed totally with what she said to the tea! its true everyword there are a circus !


Lea, I'm with you on the pig thing. I thought it was disgusting. I think that you are the class act of the show.


I find all this hilarious coming from an old, broke down, out of shape, classless bimbo like Lea. Really, what have you done in world? A few annual charity events doesn't cut it, try getting an education and working for a living. Just because you screwed a wealthy attorney during a trial does not make you an authority on what average americans want. You got lucky then so when he dumps your goofy #ss everyone will understand why. Get a good haircut, hire a stylist and try to tone down that obnoxious laugh, then you can comment on others. You are a little old for the RH franchise and not remotely attractive, so you'll probably be out next season. GET A REAL LIFE. This show is not up to par with the other RH shows. I need a translator most of the time so now I just don't bother.


@palin she a hypacrit and about as fake as the reality show just another rich bia who scamed her way threw the goverment way all I have to say is I hope all the republicans go to hell for what they r up to turning r country into nazi's! Civilwar is next! Watch!


Lea Who? Just another pipsqueak wannabee trying to stick onto Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin's wading boot. Move over, Tina Fey, Kathy Griffin, & Julianne Moore! Another barnacle on board!


Lea is brilliant. Don't sell her short. She has a brilliant mind, a heart as big as texas and she has worked hard all of her life. The real world is comprised of hard work and Lea has paid her dues


@hilton hater: where did I ever defend palin?? As far as I'm concerned she's just as annoying as the rest of them. My whole point was that reality stars should just keep their mouths shut... Nowhere in that did I defent palin.

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