Lady Gaga: The Google Interview

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Lady Gaga wowed fans and a crowd of Google employees Tuesday with a live interview that spanned more than 70 minutes from the company's California campus.

Gaga was there to shill for her new album Born This Way and the Google Moderator service in a chat with Google V.P. of consumer products, Marissa Mayer.

Here's the full interview with the pop sensation ...

Some Gaga revelations from the event ...

  • She's a yoga fanatic.
  • Her entourage taunts her with food; her security peeps kind of hate her.
  • Kids that used to bully her in school contact her for concert tickets now.
  • Gaga does the same vocal exercises she's been doing since age 11.
  • All of Lady Gaga's tattoos are on the left side of her body.
  • Lady Gaga would like to take her fans "away from the computer."
  • Despite writing the song "Paparazzi," she doesn't hate them.
  • She actually doesn't know about Rebecca Black's "Friday" ...
  • ... but she does love "David After the Dentist" on YouTube.

"Gaga was there to shill for her new album Born This Way". Gaga was there solely to answer questions from her fans, a few of which were about the new album, but many had nothing to do with the album per se, but about Gaga herself as an artist and performer and inspiration to her fans. There was a surprising amount of depth to her comments that had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the album but her process, her creativity and most importantly, the role of God and faith in her work.


love you gaga! always and forever!


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