Lady Gaga Designs Bracelet For Japan Disaster Relief

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Lady Gaga is reaching out to her Little Monsters to help support tsunami victims in Japan. Appropriately, she's doing so with a fashionable twist.

She designed a simple white and red bracelet, with the phrase "We Pray for Japan" in both English and Japanese. All proceeds go to relief efforts.

The singer Tweeted: "I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet. Buy It/Donate here and ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts. Go Monsters!"

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She's off the wall with fashion, but on the ball when it comes to charity.

Gaga's bracelet costs a modest $5, but the Mother Monster encouraged her legions of followers - eight million on Twitter alone - to donate more if they can.

Of course, there will be critics claiming "she's only doing it for publicity" another such nonsense. But it's always nice to see celebs using their fame for good.

Follow the jump for a look at the item in question and if you wish to own one and support an important cause, the link above will make it happen ...

Gaga Bracelet

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I was born in Japan, I come from a military family. My first life experiences are from this magnificent,majestic, fabulous country. My mom put me in Japanese day care, I spoke more Japanese than English. What a wonderful, and gracious people. How tragic that once more, nuclear power and the ramifications of it have befallen this special place. Thank you, Lady Gaga, Thank you for helping the people that I hold so dear to my heart, their kindness and generosity still resonates in my personality today. Pray, Sing, meditate, whatever you need to do, these people deserve our compassion, concern and assistance. When I was a little boy in kindergarton and I was asked my race, I used to say "I'm half Japanese, and half cowboy" Thanks for helping. Any assistance is most certainly appreciated. Thanks for Caring Ms. Lady Gaga..Lady isn't the half of it. Take care and God bless you and all of us. Joe P. Colorado Springs


The hand is creepy. I won't bother commenting on the rest. If "God" could help the Japan earthquake victims by all of you praying, he wouldn't have allowed it to happen to begin with. Get a grip. If you want to do some real helping, stop praying and take real action.


Gaga is so fake '-'


thank you for having this braslet the people in Japan need it very bad. cant wait to recd it.
enjoy you very much
Fran Williams


im glad you stepped up and are doing whats right i feel so sorry for everyone there hopefully other celebrities will follow hopefully other countries will grow a brain and step up and help as well these families are scared and need our help everyone pklease give what you can think about the kids poor babies are scared please help


I luv u coz u did it so quick.really, u r such a sweatheart.


u have a good heart gaga. I love u


lady gaga got a heart too -quick action taken !!


You are awsome, I love to help people the way you do, one of my dreams is to go around the world helping. Thank you for everything you do, it makes me happy to see that there is still really good people that kids could look up to =-) When you have a chance sendout a message to our youth telling them not to give up and to try their best, many of our youth lack motivation, and if someone as cool as you told them otherwise it would make a big difference ~God bless you

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