Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick: Battling Over Mason?!?

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Attention, Scott Disick: stop doing such a dynamite impression of James Dean and focus on your family life. It's clearly falling apart.

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly reports that Scott has called off the wedding - which will reportedly conclude this season of Kourtney's realty show - and that he's now engaged in a battle over custody of little Mason.

Based on the way Scott's tiny head is staring in the vicinity of his near-wife and child, is there any doubt this story is true?!?

Fighting Over Mason!

You can pay $2.99 to purchase this tabloid and learn why Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger broke up. Or you can read about it for free on THG.


why does Scott have to change.


Kourtney has been a damn fool since Scott cheated on her. She deserves everthing that he is doing o her. Kourtney should have just listned to her family. Especially Khloe! Khloe saw what Scott really is. A RAT! A DOUCHE BAG! AND A USER!. What more could Kourtney ask for. He is a perfect scumb bag for her. She will never change. She loves the disrespect that her puts before her. Kourtney loves trash and Scott is trash.


Seriously I don't no why she doesn't ave sense to see that scott does not love her.why can't she leave scott alone aand move on wit her lyfe


no way not true!

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