Kim Zolciak Won't Speak to NeNe Leakes Ever Again!!!

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Kim Zolciak is ready to blow. Because she's very pregnant? Sure.

But mostly because she's just so darn angry at castmate NeNe Leakes.

"NeNe has problems. I never want to speak to her again," Zolciak told Life & Style this week, following the "Free Sweetie" radio campaign launched by Leakes, in which she hands out t-shirts/posters on behalf of Zolciak's assistant.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim and NeNe often got into it over the former's treatment of Sweetie, as Zolciak says of the campaign: "It's disgusting."

Baby Drama Alert!

Leakes, who is engaged in a separate feud with Star Jones, is simply a "liar," Kim tells the tabloid. And Kim has "a problem with liars."

How does NeNe feel about her Bravo rival? She makes it clear when asked about Zolciak's impending child: "I'm not interested in seeing the baby, and I have no plans to send a gift. Absolutely no plans at all."

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Fire bssenefits leaked she is a bully.


Juanita, is Star white? Because she is the one who made NeNe out to be the "villain".


Isn't it funny how us "whites" get talked about when we are not the ones acting a fool on t.v for the whole world to see... Hey we are just commenting on how NeNe acted for all of us to see, we are not saying anything that is not true. I did not see Hope, Marley, Latoya(Yes I know she is black) or Any(black, and white) of the guys act the way that with the exception of maybe Gary. And besides there are plenty of "blacks" who are criticizing NeNe and Star as well, so when you go around making comments about the "whites" you should probably make sure your accusations are founded.


Whites love to hate on black people and make black people the villains in these shows. NeNe is a very outspoken strong black women. I hope you people remember these reality TV shows are for entertainment. Some people take these shows too seriously.


I like NeNe. I think we will be seeing more of her in the future. You guys must not watch RHOA because Kim can be a bettch 2. Kim isn't innocence. As far as NeNe son's having a child, I am sure he's not the first nor will he be the last. There are young people of all races having children. I am sure NeNe is rich enough to help her child with his baby. Whites looks to hate on black people and make black people the villains in these shows. NeNe is making money on being a drama queen.


NeNe has no time in seeing Kim's baby because she is too busy preparing to be a Grandma! Her good for nothing son has impregnated some girl. Boy NeNe has done some good job at raising her son. No job, no education no nothing. Just sitting home and grubbing off MaMa.


I KNEW there was a reason i never watch the "housewives" bs.


Nene is burning bridges everywhere she goes. I hope she has a Plan B when the meangirl act gets banned.


Nene is a bully. She has a massively swollen ego and she thinks she is so much more special than she really is. I am sick sick sick of seeing her everywhere. Especially since I live in Atlanta and we kind of move in the same circles. When she arrives someplace she acts like she's large and in charge. Well, she is large. But I hope she gets put in her place someday soon. Karma is a bitch, Nene. Remember that.


this nene leakes person seems very immature! never seem any of these real housewives shows & dont plan on it either...