Kim Kardashian Shrugs Off Rumors, Claims Natural Rear End

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One day, she's pregnant. The next day, she's engaged. In between, of course, she's getting plastic surgery across various parts of her body.

How does Kim Kardashian deal with all the tabloid chatter?

"Rumors don't bother me anymore," she tells the latest issue of Self. "I've read that I've had my lips done... I've had my nose done... And how many times have I 'had my butt done?' People's logic is so weird. I don't know why they bother!"

Kim Kardashian Self Magazine Cover

Kim has quite the dating track record, of course, from Reggie Bush to Miles Austin to current beau Kris Humphries, but there's one star to whom she says she never cozied up.

"One time [reports] said I was dating Terrence Howard and I was on his lap at his party. I don't even know what they were talking about. They said I went home with him, too!"

The nerve of these publications. Why don't they just focus on Kardashian's actual talents and impressive accomplishments? Such as... hmmm... let's see... there's gotta be something, right?


Just cause she's beautiful , & has an amazing body doesn't meaan he had work done! & I believe she's all natural , ppl just make stuff up cause they caaant met her standards! Get a lifee & stop making sheet up thaat ain't true! She naturally beaautiful , period. - Shes my idol , & i will always defend her.




Theres just 1 thing that i cant understand why is it so hard to just admit that u hade work done whats the problem with that if i hade so much Money like she those i would fucken b the best looking bitch in hollywood. Theres no such thing as a perfect person. I guess she just wans 2 make her self think shes the fines natural bitch that ever walk the earth omg u have problems u r in deniel . So by the way whos ur doctor. ?


@kc : I have a great camera.


I agree with Dez, KC @ Capri Kim thinks we are blind lol Detutu what the f*uck are u going on about lol


ill aggree with KC......if you look at photos from like 2 or 3 years back when she was nobody to now......TOTALLY looks like shes had work done


She has had SO much work done, anyone with a brain can see that. She can deny up and down, it just makes her look stupid. Her nose? Definately had work done. And who cares about her butt, it's not even that great. She is so overrated. How is it that this girl can make $65 million in a year, all because she gave Ray-J a blow job on camera. Perfume lines, clothing stores and endorsments. Give blow jobs on camera ladies, and you may get all this too *rolls eyes*.




Ooh shut up @lola and dez...even if her breath was sure if U????? two look lik a sad story dts y U????? cant stop beefing her...go n ve ur face done n lets c if U????? wil look better...she's beautiful and U????? knw beefin and get a life...


She is such a liar!!! that is why i cant stand that fake bitch!!


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