Kim Kardashian Music Video Sneak Peek: Full Blown Braids...

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Kim Kardashian has given fans a sneak peek at her upcoming music video. (Yes, Kim Kardashian really is coming out with a music video.)

On her official blog, Kim has posted the following photo of herself in braids, a Bo Derek-inspired look stylist Hype Williams reportedly came up with. What do you think?


There's no release date yet for the video, but Kim has said the single itself - titled "Turn It Up" - will hit the radio within a few weeks.

"I'm excited (and a little nervous) for you all to hear the song and watch the video," Kardashian wrote. "I really hope you all like it!"

Allow us to help you stop wondering, Kim: We won't.


All u are jealuos bitches!


Stick to your usual nothingness Kim,a music career is not in your future. In fact,the more you keep your mouth shut the better.
"Bo Derek inspired"? Right,like Kim even knows who Bo Derek is. This look is even worse than her usual one.


what an ugly slut.


ugh, Kim we all know how much you love black people but trying to look like a black woman in order to boost your sales to them is borderline pathetic. Stick to ur usual slutty self, after all its got u this far already!


kim as a sexy celebrity tryin 2 put her ass on the dancing floor,shit men


'Bo Derek inspired'.


It begins... Why can't this woman just be white and happy, like most white people?
She pumps her a** and hips. She tans dark. She'll lay up with anything REMOTELY black-looking...and, now, the 'ethnic hair styles' with lighting creating interesting 'shadows' on her face. As if we don't know the audience for whoch she's being marketed.
'Bo Derek inspired'.


Eerrgh is she tryna cuss black people wivv herr hairr???

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