Katy Perry's "E.T" Video Featuring Kanye West: Watch, React Now!

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We've seen the promo pics. Now Katy Perry's music video for "E.T." has been released. She and Kanye take us to a whole new dimension up in this piece.

The voluptuous star floats in space in extravagant costumes, singing and romancing a Wall-E doppelganger and then some other alien guy. Pretty cool.

All the while, Kanye West raps about getting probed by aliens while floating in a really fancy space ship. Then Katy turns into a minotaur or something.

We're done trying to describe it. Just watch the "E.T." video here:


"Artists like Gaga have proven that
you can have pop music with
integrity and at least with
someone who knows how to
write, perform and entertain
" LOL! Are you high or just a dumb lil monster? Everything u said about katy and britney, u should say about lady gagme! Grow the fuck up and form your own opinions. Im so sick of these brainless gaga stans. Her music and merchendise is not gonna change the world.,she is just recycling stuff thats been done before. And fyi katy and gaga are on the same level as writers, both nothing special! Trash doesnt equal art., Back to the topic- I enjoyed the video. She finaly let loose... Love it!


Ouch, that one hurt, and while the music video sucked (the song is good), dont you think that Lady freaking gaga is a horrible example? You are saying that Katy Perry is too sexual and has stupid lyrics, havent you seen ANY Gaga music videos? Or listened to ANY of her songs? And even if you don't like her stance on gays she has a right to her own opinion, just as much as you and I, being a star shouldn't change that, and BTW, swallowing a rosary IS blasphemous.

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