Katy Perry's "E.T" Video Featuring Kanye West: Watch, React Now!

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We've seen the promo pics. Now Katy Perry's music video for "E.T." has been released. She and Kanye take us to a whole new dimension up in this piece.

The voluptuous star floats in space in extravagant costumes, singing and romancing a Wall-E doppelganger and then some other alien guy. Pretty cool.

All the while, Kanye West raps about getting probed by aliens while floating in a really fancy space ship. Then Katy turns into a minotaur or something.

We're done trying to describe it. Just watch the "E.T." video here:

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That said; I love Ms Perry's voice and admire her management. While we write about her music career she's doing it.
Koudos chick; GaGa-esque or not both promoted beautifully and feature loudly on all of my steroes xoxo (another copy as mimicry is flattery after all)


All the things she said running through my head- YES I'VE HAD ENOUGH.......


I don't understand why people are taking all this so seriously.(comment based on other posts I read). It's all entertainment value, that's all. People have the right to like what they want to like, so why analyze it? Either like it or don't. As far as Lady Gaga goes, I feel she did rip off Madonna's Express Yourself. There's no doubt in my mind.


OK seriosly people she copied of lady gaga who copied off Madona even in born this way key of awesome she says she copies of Madona and other people's songs. And people calm down it's just one thing no need to make a stupid huge fuss over it and everyone copies of Madona even lindsey lohan


It's a rip-off! Check: Tatu - All The Things She Said!!!


It's a rip-off! Check Tatu - All The Things She Said!


@Bla Haze::ur right it's true what u said ^_^


@gabriel haze-oh please, gaga is the biggest puppet in the industry! The costumes,the sexual nature of her pretentious bullshit she calls music is all ideas TAKEN from somebody else! She has no original thoughts and ideas of her own.shes just a spoiled rich girl who knows nothing about true art and what it means to starve for your craft! Shes a con artist and im sorry shes played you for a fool! Britney is real with her fans,and shes does write her own songs sometimes! Grow up!


Is it just me or does the computer generated alien look like snooki...


@Bla Haze: u are exactly right! Ppl act like Gaga is an original...everyone pulls inspiration from things that have been done before. This song was written before Gaga came out with the BTW video. I'm sure when Katy wrote this song she already had an idea of what she wanted the video to look like. That being said...I wish this video would have come out before BTW, because I actually like it better.