Katie Price to Host New Reality Show

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British model Katie Price (if you don't know her, she gets married a lot, stars on a lot of shows about her life and has huge breasts) is coming to America, again.

She reportedly signed a $1.3 million deal to be the host of a reality TV show called Make Me A Hunk, upon which she'll transform nerds into ... not-nerdy guys.

A source explains “It is a huge deal and she is absolutely thrilled. It is the biggest gig of her career to date and the first time she will have fronted a TV show."

"American networks love all things British at the moment."

Like a Cartoon

It's true. Americans love cleavage all things British.

"They feel viewers will warm to Kate’s larger-than-life personality and put-downs, though producers were startled at how sarcastic and rude she in the pilot."

"But it worked, she toughened him up and her worked her magic.”

Price, whose rebound marriage to Alex Reid is pretty much over, is like a bad penny. She always turns up somewhere just when you think she's washed up.

She was previously and famously married to Peter Andre, but they split up in 2009. The couple has two kids together. She has another with Dwight Yorke.


the reason why she goin bk to the US because us british absolutly HATE HER! shes a slag who sleeps with anyone, treat men like shite, thinks shes gods gift to men, has NO respect + does anything for money. so if you would like to keep her over there please do ! :)


Those boobs look like they hurt!!


The only reason she is coming to the US (again) is because everyone in Britain (myself included!!!) is sick to death of her! She literally has become a national joke here and is trying to hang on to any kind of fame that she can..... it isn't working!!


i think she's had so many boob jobs they're all messed up now and this is the best they can look. there was like, a whole episode on them in that reality show wth peter andre. he seemed to really care about her so much, it's a pity they broke up.


if it weren't for her kids, I would swear she is a tranny. Those eyebrows are harsh & the boobs look like basketballs that were bolted on. Horrible.


She looks fake


Oh nooooo that boob job looks horrible!!

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