Justin Bieber to Paparazzi: Eff You!

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The paparazzi may finally have caused Justin Bieber to snap last night.

Following a birthday dinner with girlfriend Selena Gomez, the new 17-year old - a young star typically calm, cool and totally in control - tried to drive away from a rush of photographers outside Hollywood restaurant Maggiano's.

But when one stuck his lens near the vehicle, look how Bieber reacted:

Eff You from Justin

Don't give the paparazzi what they want, Justin Bieber. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Do we understand the irritation one must experience over such a lack of privacy? Absolutely. But it's a trade-off all celebrities must make in exchange for fame and fortune.

Justin and Selena are well-trained in the tabloid game. They had to have known this sort of occurrence would take place when going out to eat at a famous Los Angeles establishment. Ideally, they would have chosen to either dine elsewhere. The alternative?

Do everything in your power, Justin, to not give the paparazzi EXACTLY what they are after.

UPDATE: Bieber has Tweeted the following apology:

“had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better. im sorry... it’s not always easy but i know better than to react in anger.”


Hey u beilibers look what beiber did.go and teach him some manners.and it's so sad for Selena that being a beiber's New so-called girlfriend she had to cover her face infront of paps so sad..i just wanna say to salena that hay DO U WANT A HAT?


He's a 17 year old boy. I'm impressed he didn't do this sooner. Not a big fan of his, but he does have talent and he is usually very composed with the paparazzi. Give him a break. He was bound to reach his breaking point eventually. And I would have done the same thing, easily.


Ha! Go Justin, I'm not a fan of him, but dang does he look angry ; ) if that were my little sister in his and Selena's position... let me tell you besides the many profanities, she'd beat them to a bloody pulp- maybe not, but she'd do some... alot of damage.


i still love Justin Bieber but really i truly don't care about there relationship.


well Im not exactly a bieber fan but give the guy a break. He is still new to having papparazzi surround him and I dont blame him for not wanting to be photographed when the papparrazi were bothering him and the LOVELY Selena on his b day.


I honestly dont think its that bad. BUT he does have younger fans WHICH IS NOT OK when he does stuff like that. he’s not perfect…but he has been acting weird lately.


i hate bieber but seriously even if you were trained or whatever, there would be times where you actually think "OMFG!! just effin leave me alone" moments... he does know that he shouldnt have done that..but really?..who you here,swears at the age of 17?...literally everyone..even 12 year olds swear soooo//....


you know, i am NOT a Beiber fan but you guys are covering the story wrong. one of those psychotic Beliebers PUNCHES SELENA GOMEZ IN THE FACE. If i was JB i'd be pissed off too.


tsktsk, That gesture means 'Have a nice day' in Canadian.I think........


Not that I like him, but I think it's about time a photographer got flipped off. However, considering his age, he could have responded much more maturely than how he did. Think before you act, as the saying goes. And, apparently, celebs just don't think :\

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