Justin Bieber to Paparazzi: Eff You!

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The paparazzi may finally have caused Justin Bieber to snap last night.

Following a birthday dinner with girlfriend Selena Gomez, the new 17-year old - a young star typically calm, cool and totally in control - tried to drive away from a rush of photographers outside Hollywood restaurant Maggiano's.

But when one stuck his lens near the vehicle, look how Bieber reacted:

Eff You from Justin

Don't give the paparazzi what they want, Justin Bieber. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Do we understand the irritation one must experience over such a lack of privacy? Absolutely. But it's a trade-off all celebrities must make in exchange for fame and fortune.

Justin and Selena are well-trained in the tabloid game. They had to have known this sort of occurrence would take place when going out to eat at a famous Los Angeles establishment. Ideally, they would have chosen to either dine elsewhere. The alternative?

Do everything in your power, Justin, to not give the paparazzi EXACTLY what they are after.

UPDATE: Bieber has Tweeted the following apology:

“had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better. im sorry... it’s not always easy but i know better than to react in anger.”


Just because a person is a celebrity does'nt give paparazzi the right to be to beligerently stalk, harass, and compromise the safty & security of these celebrity's, especially their children. Not to mention most paparazzi are grossly rude, if they dont get their way.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute, he's Human, he's allowed to make mistakes, and he did appologise, give him a break, the Paparazzi can be annoying man, the Kid and his Lady need some Privacy, is that so much to ask for, ey, come on people, i know Justin Bieber has people that look up to him, but, like those people, he is Human, he did say, he was gonna make mistakes, you guys, we, we all make mistakes, there is no better Sin and worse Sin, a Sin is a Sin, don't matter if you Steal, Lie, Cheat, Curse, Murder, a Sin is a Sin full stop, nah man, just give him Room to grow, damn!!!!


I can't believe that JB and selena(gomez) are GF/BF.They really like each other. NOBODY CAN DO ABOUT IT. they can't seperate. Hope for the best.


May b JB got angry cuz paps often follow whats he's doing w/ sel n selena got die treatment


Hey there yes it is all in the moment. We all have them. It is tuffer on the celebrerties-cause everyone is looking including all the ones who look up to you. I am glad you appologised publically so the younger generation can see that is ok to say yea I messed up but I do know better. Our young people need role models. Just do the best you can Justin. I think that you are talented and enjoy this jaunt in the road. Never know where you are going for sure. On thing is for sure if you are honest with yourself and others that is way to keep the slate clean. Take time to breath and meditate on the scriptures in the bible --God will never lead you wrong. You will only gain wisdom and strength---bad things happen ----as you have proved it is how you handle them --or should I say let the Lord handle them. You do your part and he certainly will not forsake you.


What's the big deal here? Paparazzi are used to this reaction. That's what happens when they harass the stars to the point where they can't even go out for dinner without getting mobbed. No apology necessary. If I were in their shoes I might do the same thing.


f-b i hate him so much he is sooooo gay and i hate selena gomaaze she is an bitch mothe fukka bitch thats who she is


Hmmmmmm... Is it me or has Justin been acting weird lately? Put the facts together,
1. He gets agitated in his interviews more often.
2. He gets upset when he has to get picture's with his fans now.
3. He hate's it when you ask a question about Selena....
and last but not least HE GAVE THE FINGER TO THE PAPS! WASN'T HE THINKING ABOUT HIS FANS? So sad another young star being taken away by fame... I miss the younger Justin!!!!!!!


why is he angry
it's just a photo but i dont like jb realy but the paparazii are going to far


SO Justin is almost to becoming a man pretty soon ha

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