Justin Bieber to Paparazzi: Eff You!

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The paparazzi may finally have caused Justin Bieber to snap last night.

Following a birthday dinner with girlfriend Selena Gomez, the new 17-year old - a young star typically calm, cool and totally in control - tried to drive away from a rush of photographers outside Hollywood restaurant Maggiano's.

But when one stuck his lens near the vehicle, look how Bieber reacted:

Eff You from Justin

Don't give the paparazzi what they want, Justin Bieber. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Do we understand the irritation one must experience over such a lack of privacy? Absolutely. But it's a trade-off all celebrities must make in exchange for fame and fortune.

Justin and Selena are well-trained in the tabloid game. They had to have known this sort of occurrence would take place when going out to eat at a famous Los Angeles establishment. Ideally, they would have chosen to either dine elsewhere. The alternative?

Do everything in your power, Justin, to not give the paparazzi EXACTLY what they are after.

UPDATE: Bieber has Tweeted the following apology:

“had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better. im sorry... it’s not always easy but i know better than to react in anger.”


don't worry Justin I understand you you probably didn't know what to do...its ok


I Think They Are Sooooooo Cute Together ! Go Juslena !


I don't see why people can't just leave them alone. Obviously he isn't gonna' date all of the fans is he really? Everyone knew he was going to date someone. Frankly, I think Selena is stunningly pretty and they will be really happy together :) Leave them alone you childish fools.:D


@sarah im totally with u on that one


this is really unlike justin bieber. but the good news is is that at least he apologized:) but i really do not like the fact that him and selena gomez are dating. she said he's like a little bro to her. and now there dating! i have a little bro and u dont see me tryin to date em'!!!JB STILL LOVE YA!!:)


i haet selena gomez


I think Selena has a relationship with Justin to make up for the things she said about Justin, because while she have other guys around her, she chose a guy who can be considered as her little brother. At first I thought Justin was a girl and was shocked hen I saw that it was a boy who sang the song. His behavior is unacceptable what he shows. He had a dream and has been fortunate to make it true. I think it's stupid when people belong to him, but some things are facts and what they say
>>the truth hurts


Kid look up to Justin bieber and the teens he is showing his fans that he is a bad kid like lying and then the flipping them off this is not the Justin bieber I known I like the old Justin bieber the same hair not lying and not flipping ppl off it's not him one of my friends side that this girl Selena gomze did it to him mad to liye and to get a know hair do I side no at first but now I'm starting to think she did it to him I hope he stops being bad I was like he's numbere one fan but not anymore I guss


Hes changing a lot, but i guess everyone goes through that stage, it's just puberty. I still love justin for his music and everything. I think it's too far when people go stalk him and like what the paps did. He's just a regular kid like all of us, he just wants some time to himself, but he's always being followed and it's not for you to comment on his relationship with anyone [Selena Gomez]. I guess the only reason the fans don't like Selena Gomez is because of her history with dating celebraties, but who knows maybe she's changed. If Justin is happy with Selena, in which he clearly is, then why don't we just let them be? Everyone just needs to chill, because truth is, it's not like Justin is ever going to date any of the fans, okay maybe he will, but thats a very small possibility. Claiming that he is your 'husband' or whatever is okay, but taking that TOO far is not good. CHILL GUIZ.


He was just showing us the bandage on his finger.

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