Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga Push for Japanese Disaster Relief

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Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have lent their name and their words of encouragement to a great cause.

Both artists have recorded videos in which they send prayers and urge fans to donate whatever they can afford to the victims of this month's earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Bieber will also record a song for a CD whose proceeds will benefit those affected, while Lady Gaga's bracelets have raised $1.5 million for the crises.

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Normally im not a fan of justin, but thats so nice of him to help out!


i think its great!!! and guys mayb they r helping too... u never know... anyway i would but i am broke:( i love you both!!!
justin bieber


Its really sweet of u justin that u want 2 help da people of japan but i think other people would think that you're telling them 2 take out their money when you're not Luv your songs from your biggest fan


so sweet of both of u :D =D


I DNT LIKE justin dating wiz celena gomez!but if it wud be miley i wud praise the couple!!!!!


OOOOHHH!so sweet of both of u guyz!i likes it!i luvvvv u ya justin!!kiss u wiz lots of luv muuaaaah!beware u haters'!!!


Good job justin bieber and lady GaGa...you both rock for wanting to help others!!!:) luv u both


i think its sooooo sweet that these 2 celebs are helping the people of japan they are both great ideas and hope that they really help


i have to admit before Justin was baby cute, but now he looks like a teenage frankenstin!!!!!!!!!! Plus, why doesn't he give money himself, and of course he doesn't realize that benefit concerts do not bring that much money. He's just doing it so he can sleep at night and not feel so guilty he's not doing anything.


I meant i would love to help.oops.

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