Josh and Anna Duggar: Expecting Baby Son!

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Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting a son, according to reports. The eldest of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting will soon have two Duggars of his own.

Already the parents of 17-month-old daughter Mackynzie, Josh and Anna didn't waste any time expanding their second-generation Duggar brood.

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And, in an interesting twist, the young couple decided to let Josh’s mom, Michelle Duggar, break the news to them about the gender of the child.

"We went to the ultrasound and decided my mom would know," Josh Duggar said.

"We figured she could handle the secret and then have a surprise sharing of the information with the entire family, including me and Anna."

"I think Anna was getting a little be anxious and excited to know, kind of antsy."

"We thought it was fun to have the whole family hear at the same time and have the excitement together, but it was hard to wait," Anna said.

Congratulations to the couple and to the entire extended family, which you can watch learn the baby will be a boy Monday evening on TLC.

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Michelle Duggar is pathetic and so is Jim Bob! They should have stopped having kids looonnngg ago because the older kids get stuck taking care of the younger ones and now her oldest son will probably follow in their footsteps and that will be even more disgusting. All Michelle does is take credit for having all of them while her other kids do most of the work raising them. How fair is that? If she has bladder problems it is her own fault for abusing her body with so many pregnancies.


People mind their own buisness about the duggars! They are a perfect family and christian based. If they want to have more kids thats their buissness. People dont tell ur familys to go have a visectomy do they? SO SHUT UP!


I love the Duggars, they are an awesome family, I have missed watching them..


I think you should at least know how to spell vasectomy, before demanding someone have one. God forbid they overpopulate the world with literate human beings...


I watched the show once or twice, I was curious about how a family with that many kids gets by. The belief system behind why they don't use birth control is rooted in religion and I understand (though disagree with) it. But what bothers me is the homeschooling. I'm not against it but with this many kids at so many ages and newborns in the house all the time how are these kids getting a decent education? One person cannot possibly homeschool all these kids at their grade level daily while still caring for little babies. Seems the kids are being shortchanged in that area.
I wish Josh and Anna all the best.


Are you people kidding me? Seriously? It's a free country. They don't live off the government. They support their children and are raising wonderful people who will contribute greatly to society. Shame on anyone who condemns them for their choices!


Please someone offer them free weekend stay at a hospital and tie up her tubes and cut his vasdefren (give him a vasdectamy). While they r at it give his parents a free pass. THEY NEED TO STOP OVERPOPULATING. And leave room for other people.


Seriously these people are sick. Especially their parents. They should have a one child rule in their state. Having 19kids is completely irresponsible and sick. I bet they will have another 50 until maybe she croaks from over breeding.


like son!


Awww! I love them! I thought for sure it'd be another girl. I wonder what the name will be?!

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