Jimmy Fallon Mocks Charlie Sheen, Presents "Winning" Cologne

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Winning. It's more than just a description of Charlie Sheen's life. It's also a new cologne, at least according to Jimmy Fallon.

The late night host performed one of his funniest skits last night, doing an eerily solid impression of the drug-loving actor, reciting various Charlie Sheen quotes and then tacking on a few of his own rambling thoughts in an ad for this pretend fragrance. To wit:

The only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen. I took a lot of Charlie Sheen. I'm going to embrace my life. I'm going to put both arms around it and love it, violently, and defend it violently through violent hatred.

Watch the hilarious spoof below.

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He didn't use make up, he said so on Howard Stern, he just messed his hair up and made a face.


Great job! Sheen is disgusting! A complete fool! Yes, he is sick but that is no excuse for his violent behavior! Some of the things he said about his kids mothers! Game on!


When I saw this skit the other night I missed the first half and I thought it really was Charlie Sheen (Emilio). One person called this “Jimmy Fallon channels Charlie Sheen.� He really did a great job with the voice, and the makeup was good too. I watched this clip on my iPhone today when I picked up the first half of the show. I don’t get home until after the shows starts and I really love that I can watch on my iPhone an entire show from my DVR because I have a DISH Network employee Sling adapter that allows me to watch live TV or DVR events anywhere I go. Comcast has “TV Everywhere� too but it can only be viewed on an iPad in your home with Wi-Fi. How is that “TV Everywhere?�


OMG, I knew when I typed in Kimmel I was wrong but I hit submit too quick, meant FALLON!!! Sorry.


I think it was hilarious. Never was a fan of Kimmel but he nailed his impression right on the head. I know it's not right to make fun of someone as Eliza said but no one forced Charlie to rant like he did on national t.v. either. Plus, comedians mock celebrities all the time, it's been done for decades. It's nothing new.


Eliza with all due respect, he makes himself an easy target. Stay off the talk shows Charlie. Take all that infinite wisdom and energy and walk through the doors of a good rehab. Jimmy Fallon is so talented!!!!!


Im sure this spoof "made tiger blood drip from Charlie Sheens fangs" haha


Jimmy wouldnt have a career if celebs didnt make mistakes ...bottom feeder


Making fun of him is just sad to me. Of course he's an easy target right now, but he's also very sick. My impression of you continues to decline.