Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: GET OUT! I AM DONE! DONE!!!!!!

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Jersey Shore's third season ended not with a bang, but with a thud. After 13 weeks, we're as exhausted by Sammi and Ronni as the reality stars themselves.

There were many fun, hilarious times in Season 3, but the enduring image will be that of a couple so desperately in love ... and so loathsome of one another.

As always, THG breaks down some of the top Jersey Shore quotes and scenes in our official +/- recap below. For the last time until Italy, let's DO THIS:

Ronnie and Sammi Fight Again

Breaking up is hard to do. For you. It's REALLY hard for these idiots.

We pick up where we left off last week. OMG, Ron and Sam are SO in a fight! Did she make out with Arvin? Did she text Arvin to meet up? Do we care? Minus 9.

Arvin: "Sam, we made out before." Sam: "No, we haven't." Arvin: "Yeah, we have." Sam: "No, we haven’t." Plus 4, because is there that much of a gray area?

Is it just us or is Vinny becoming kind of an ass these days? Minus 5.

Whoa, the Snitch-uation apologizes to Sam for meddling. Plus 3.

“I feel like the joke’s on me,” Ronnie says. “I feel like a fool.” Yes, but this applies not just to the Arvin matter, but to any scene from 2009-present. Minus 6.

"We treat guests with utmost respect." - Pauly. We'd hate to see what disrespecting them looks like in that case, but it's a nice sentiment, so ... Wash.

Pauly D gets behind the turntables at the end of summer party, while Deena breaks it down on the dance floor with ... Vinny's Uncle Nino. Plus 14 ...

Uncle Nino Grinding!

Life is a grind in a good way for Uncle Nino.

Deena is shocked when Vinny calls her the new Angelina, which in Seaside is basically the equivalent of being called the c-word. Oh, he went there. Minus 8.

Roger proposes to JWoww ... that they be exclusive. Plus 10, 'cause it's quite sweet, and Plus 5 more 'cause people act like he popped the real question here.

JWoww: "I am literally head over heels." Sigh. Wash 'cause she's happy.

Snook: “Whiskey sex is definitely the best ... when a guy can have sex for five hours because he’s so drunk. Or his penis is so drunk." It's Snooki, so Minus 7.

Snook: "Get it all out freaking do everything that you can have sex with an old man and steal a plant and get arrested and do whatever." Huh? Eh, Plus 12.

Things seemed to be okay, but at Karma, Sammi talks to some male friends, which angers Ronnie after all the Arvin stuff ... or at any time, really. Minus 9.

Ronnie: "I'm real, and you're not! F--k you, crazy bitch!" Sammi: "My biggest regret in my life is you!" Plus 6, because they're so in love. Really, they are.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper brought back memories good and bad.

The final family meal is less joyous and more tense this year. Minus 4.

Snooki: "After I run for president, Deena is going to be vice-president. I would get $h!t done in this country. The economy would rise, everyone would be tan, and all of the radios would play house music." Hey, Bush was president, so Plus 4.

Are those sequined butterflies on Roger's jeans?! Minus 12.

Situation: “That rug reminds me of Ron and Sam’s relationship.” Plus 7.

Sammi: "You’re my best friend. You’re the only one who makes laugh, cry, be happy, sad, miserable, excited." So true, save for the good parts. Minus 20.

So they broke up. Which means they're back together by the time you read this. Or have gotten back together only to break up again. Either way, Plus 3.



i really hope ron and sam are done i really think its funny when they fight but it gets old.
Yeah i really hope they are done with causely because of Sammi.but then Ronnie could do better and not waste his life time on a Bitch like Sammi and he looks better off happy without her when she left. COME ON BRO!!!!


ron and sam need to stay far away from each other cause everything each of them do starts fights and jersey shore is supposed to be about parting and hookin up with girls and having fun but with those two fighting all the dam time its getting old


I love this show!!!!!


I really hope ron and Sam are DONE cause honestly I'm done watching them fight. Sure there was funny parts to this season about them but the whole season was about them pretty much.. I love Jersey shore and I'm so bummed its over for awhile but they will be back. Oh yeaahhh...


Roger: "So do you like me or like like me?"
JWoww: "I like like you"


good riddance to ron and sam. their relationship i mean, no offence to either as a person or theshow. love jersey shore


I luv the jersey shore! I'm sad because season 3 ended :( gonna miss them(:
I just barely started watching jersey shore like this year because of my best friend cristian...he told me to watch it and's an awesome show!;D

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