Jenelle Evans to Kim Kardashian: Why R U Famous?

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Boning. That's why Kim Kardashian is famous. Ray J tagging it on tape.

While she's no amateur porn star (there's still time) Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is "famous" for similar reasons. Getting naked and ending up with a kid.

So you really have to wonder if there's ever been a klearer kase of the pot kalling the kettle black when Jenelle rips Kim's krappy new song on Twitter:

"Kim Kardashian .. dude that song sucks u made lol sorry to say makes me think even more to myself, why r u famous again?" Lmao. Valid point, but ...

WHY R U FAMOUS? For Jenelle and Kim, these pics answer that.

It's possible that Jenelle's kriticism was rooted in Kim's recent komments about Teen Mom. The ho-cialite encouraged girls not to look up to MTV stars.

Jenelle seems to agree with Kim, though. Her recent Us Weekly cover story bore the headline "I'm Not Ready to Be a Mom." Not a huge glamorization.

Also, Evans apparently doesn't mind other members of the Kardashian krew.

The mother of Jace recently Tweeted to Kim's younger sibling: "@KhloeKardashian lol u make me laugh u tweet like every 2 mins it's crazy."

So we think we've got Jenelle figured out. In summation, Khloe and Lamar promo plus Tweeting equals comedy. Kim Kardashian singing equals STFU!


because in america, ANYONE is allowed to breed... its so sad... the children r the ones who suffer, then they get knocked up 15 years later just like their moms did... what a sad sad cycle. God help our country and the poooor ignorant people living here... i'm on kims side btw. jenelle is younger than 20 years old and she has a child and legal problems... not to mention she is BUSTED. poor thing. we will catch up wioth her in the trailer park 2 years down the road.... then we will see her in rehab when she's 22... then she will kill herself when she realizes how bad she scrwed up her life, her fmilies life, and a poor innocent child's life. i'm just waiting for the headline to appear...


While I agree Kim's song does suck and I can't stand her, I have too (ohh saying this is painful) sort of fall on her side here. She did have one braincell working,she did not get knocked up. And really Jenelle,shouldn't you be concentrating on things like trying to become a mother to your kid and your pending criminal cases? Your life is going down the toilet at the age of what,19 and you find the time to bash others? Get your shit together girl, before it's too late. Hell, it may already be.


Kim is a disgusting pig.


jennelle, is famous cus she pretty,got money, does stuff with her life,takes care of her self and acyually gives a darn unlike you. You got your 5 minutes of fame so do us all a favor and move on.


I think the more important question is why was jenelle allowed to breed?


First off Jenelle, Kim is famous because she has a attractive personality and body. She has a good head on her shoulders in a business sense. She doesnt surround herself with losers and drug users and doesnt use drugs . Shes just a reality star like you except you use your fame to abuse your mother and be toxic to your child.


lmao jenelle aint famous, shes just getting her 15min, plz even i coud do wat she did get prego n go on mtv, lmao n she wonders bout kim, she shoud worryh bout her baby not bout evryone els. let kim do wat she wants if she fuks up she only ruins her life, janelle in the other hand drags her baby with her.


I agree... why the fuck is this broad famous.


Hey I think that the 2 are both Famous Now!! Soo they just need to Face it and live the Life they Chose!!!:))


Kim Kardashian should become a professional porn star. Let's face it, porn is what made her famous, she definitely has the assets for it and not much else going for herself. Just face the facts and go with the flow, Kim! We all know you're not shy.

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