Jenelle Evans to Kim Kardashian: Why R U Famous?

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Boning. That's why Kim Kardashian is famous. Ray J tagging it on tape.

While she's no amateur porn star (there's still time) Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is "famous" for similar reasons. Getting naked and ending up with a kid.

So you really have to wonder if there's ever been a klearer kase of the pot kalling the kettle black when Jenelle rips Kim's krappy new song on Twitter:

"Kim Kardashian .. dude that song sucks u made lol sorry to say makes me think even more to myself, why r u famous again?" Lmao. Valid point, but ...

WHY R U FAMOUS? For Jenelle and Kim, these pics answer that.

It's possible that Jenelle's kriticism was rooted in Kim's recent komments about Teen Mom. The ho-cialite encouraged girls not to look up to MTV stars.

Jenelle seems to agree with Kim, though. Her recent Us Weekly cover story bore the headline "I'm Not Ready to Be a Mom." Not a huge glamorization.

Also, Evans apparently doesn't mind other members of the Kardashian krew.

The mother of Jace recently Tweeted to Kim's younger sibling: "@KhloeKardashian lol u make me laugh u tweet like every 2 mins it's crazy."

So we think we've got Jenelle figured out. In summation, Khloe and Lamar promo plus Tweeting equals comedy. Kim Kardashian singing equals STFU!

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Kim is a grown woman and does many other things besides being on a reality show, and if you watched it just once you will see that she is very busy promoting herself. Why do people in this country prop up male "sluts" (I personally abhor this word), but denigrate females who are sexually liberated?
I've not seen the other girl's show, but think it is in poor taste to sensationalize a teen pregnancy. There are so many impressionable young girls out there who believe that having a baby is their ticket to freedom. See where no sex education in the schools gets us?


if I am going to make a sex tape, I will not be famous. But it's not worth it to become famous. Your reputation will be very low and people will call you a slut. Kim kardasian is nothing else than that (sorry I say that, but it's true) She's due to her fat ass and fake boobs hehehe:)) it is not natural and this is my opinion :d


All of this glamorizing of trashy behavior is ruining this world. When u can make millions from a sex tape and a crotch shot and teen pregnancy wtf its so wrong


It's not Tammi that why it sucks!!


Making a mistake once and having a kid is far different than one who makes that choice over and over and over again, in my opinion. Kim is a Slut - note, with a capital "S".


Okay so Kim made a sex tape. I dont see how thats worthy of fame...


O.K. so Jenelle has a point about Kim but she is the last person to be pointing finger and asking why are you famous when we all know that she got knocked up at 16 and her mother has custody.
And agreed that Kim is annoying but so is Jenelle.


Jenelle is a dead beat mother who should've have bin an abortion and Kim is a fake slut who bends over and is now riding this wave of publicity cuz stupid fucking people seem to think shes something special when shes not. there you have it. fuck THG you really need to hire some of the people that write comments. its not fuckin brain surgery here.


Kim is so Ugly with out makeup. And is so anoying.


@jasmine reyna i agree with you 100%.