Jenelle Evans: Not Ready to Be a Teen Mom

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After a bitter custody war with her own mom, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans decided to capitulate. For the sake of her 19-month-old son if nothing else.

"When he is older, I'll tell him I was really young and I couldn't put a roof over my own head, let alone his," says Jenelle of relinquishing custody of Jace.

The oft-at-odds mom and daughter tandem is working together to raise Jace, with Barbara Evans calling the shots, since Jenelle blows at parenting.

Jenelle Evans, Family
Not Ready to Be a Mom

Jenelle, Barbara and Jace Evans. [Photos: Us Weekly]

While Jenelle takes few film-studies classes at a local community college, Barbara cares for the boy after working her full-time job at a department store.

As badly as Jenelle, 19, wants Jace back from her relentlessly critical mom, she realizes she's just not there yet. Dumping Kieffer Delp was a good start.

"Once I get a job, save money and have my own place for three months, I'll bring my mom to court," Jenelle says of her confrontational plan of attack.

At least they're getting along well enough to pose for Us Weekly.

"Jace wasn't asked to be born," Barbara says. "Somebody has to take care of him, and it's going to be me. I don't resent it. I love him to death."


Is any 16 year old ever ready to be a mom?!?


i mean put* not but! :$


wow who gives a $hit like shes not even a celeb... anyone can be 16 and pregnant but someone famous and worth it on your cover!


Poor Jace!


All I can say is teen pregnancy is overrated and I feel bad for Jace.


If ur not ready 2 be a mom or hes mom,u shouldnt of had SEX then!!!If u have SEX without protection ur gonna get pregnat!!!I dont know if u did or didnt use protection,im just saying!!!

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