Jenelle Evans Faces Charges Over Property Damage

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans appeared in court today to face charges for allegedly breaking her baby daddy's phone and trespassing, but dodged a bullet.

A temporarily bullet, at least.

Evans faces charges in North Carolina of personal property damage (of ex-BF Kieffer Del) and breaking and entering (to the home of ex-BFF Jaelanie Salas).

Jenelle Evans, Son

A TROUBLED TEEN MOM, TOO: That's putting it mildly.

Neither Delp nor Salas bothered to show up in court Monday, however, so the prosecution was granted a continuance. All sides are due backĀ  April 29.

Jenelle, who recently admitted she was not ready to be a mom, has already lost custody of son Jace (to her own mom). Will she lose her freedom as well?

Hopefully she'll get her act in gear and won't end up in jail or knocked up again like some people we know. Kidding, Amber. At least we hope we're kidding.


I think janelle is to blame for her bad mothering!! I dont care how her mother raised her! She should learn from her moms mistakes. Does she really want Jace to be treated like she was treated by her mom too? Think about it, if you had a bad childhood wouldnt you want to be a better mom to your kids then your mom was to you?


Actually, I think this girl can blame her mother for a lot of her mothering problems.


They get a TV program or get to be on Dancin with the stars


First of all Kepher is NOT her baby daddy, her babydaddy walked out it was said onthe first epiosiode if tm2, so yeah get that right


I am so sad for this girl, her mother is to blame for a lot of her problems. She has treated this girl so bad that she has no self respect and feels like no one loves her. Her whole life she has been treated so bad by her MOTHER all she does is scream at her, everything she does is bad in her mothers eyes. When she wanted to sign up for collage her MOTHER gave her a hard time giving her the paperwork she needed. That woman is a Bit-h and I would just love to hug Jenelle that girl needs someone to love her and give her some guidence and she will be fine, show her some love and respect thats what she needs not to be bitc-hed at all the time. I feel sorry for that baby because that BIT-H is raising him. she did not do a good job with Jenelle what makes her think she can with Jace.I am so sorry for you Jenelle I would hug you if I could. Your mother is a crazy Bit-h


When I was living in New York State, a girl got pregnant at 14 or so, she got a baby and the "boyfriend" got 20 years for statutory
rape. Now they get a TV program.

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