James Durbin: I'm Not Adam Lambert 2.0!

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Following the news that they were season 10 finalists, all remaining American Idol contestants met with the press last night at the show's after-party.

Among the quotes and tidbits various singers shared on the red carpet, James Durbin was asked about similarities to Adam Lambert. He didn't respond so kindly to the constant comparisons:

"I'm kind of tired of answering that question. We're completely different people stylistically, tone-wise. The only similarity that we have is the high note... He put his foot in the door; I want to try and put my foot straight through the door. He did some rock, I liked it. I want to do some metal like Iron Maiden, ACDC, Ozzy, Sabbath."

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Here's a look at what other finalists had to say, which includes a warning from Karen Rodriguez: Look out, Jennifer Lopez!

Rodriguez told reporters: "Marc Anthony stops by sometimes and he gives me hugs and thumbs up... He's another one of my idols. If there is someone who I would love to sing with and do a duet with, it would be him."

Lauren Alaina likes a judge: "If anyone tries hard enough, they can have a connection with Steven Tyler. He's really down-to-earth and he's a great guy.

Scotty McCreery can sing more than country: "My first couple preliminary auditions before I went in front of the judges, I sang Frank Sinatra and John Mayer, so I do different stuff."

Haley Reinhart respects the concept of song choice: "It would be cool to find out how to pick a great song because there are so many components: You're thinking about the audience, how you're going to connect with them and with the judges and with yourself. It's such a big deal and you have a little time to do it."


Agree with Pat, Oh what a missed opportunity for James to show more of himself than just his singing... If I were him I would be jumping up and down to be compared to Adam Lambert... it gets you press coverage big time... get it James... this is also about media exposure.


There's no problem here. Adam said Cook's experimentation on AI opened the door for him to change things up, Durbin is saying Adam doing some classic rock opens the door for him bring in the metal. Durbin said he "liked" Adam, which is complimentary.


He didn't bring it up first. He was asked. I don't blame him for being tired of answering that question. I myself am sick of hearing it. Move on and look at his talent. I am a huge fan of Adam and I don't think he would be pleased with this bad behavior of his fans. He has even expressed his support for James


he needs to shut the fuck up because i see him becoming arrogant as hell. he needs to be humble and down to earth like adam lambert otherwise he ain't gonna make it, oh and by the way you are not even close to Adam lambert singing wise he sang perfectly all through the song and you are right the only thing you have in common with adam is the high note, and yes yes you should be honored to be compared to adam casue no one sings like adam.


James Durbin = CLOWN!


Kind of funny that he's the one that brought up Adam first, then he changed the lyric in A Change is Gonna come to the way Adam did it. Now he doesn't want to be compared? He could use some of Adam's saavy with the press and Adam's humblenes. James, may I suggest your next response be, "I am honored to be compared to Lambert, but I think we are pretty different."
BTW, Adam's fans think you are very different too!

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