James Durbin: I'm Not Adam Lambert 2.0!

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Following the news that they were season 10 finalists, all remaining American Idol contestants met with the press last night at the show's after-party.

Among the quotes and tidbits various singers shared on the red carpet, James Durbin was asked about similarities to Adam Lambert. He didn't respond so kindly to the constant comparisons:

"I'm kind of tired of answering that question. We're completely different people stylistically, tone-wise. The only similarity that we have is the high note... He put his foot in the door; I want to try and put my foot straight through the door. He did some rock, I liked it. I want to do some metal like Iron Maiden, ACDC, Ozzy, Sabbath."

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Here's a look at what other finalists had to say, which includes a warning from Karen Rodriguez: Look out, Jennifer Lopez!

Rodriguez told reporters: "Marc Anthony stops by sometimes and he gives me hugs and thumbs up... He's another one of my idols. If there is someone who I would love to sing with and do a duet with, it would be him."

Lauren Alaina likes a judge: "If anyone tries hard enough, they can have a connection with Steven Tyler. He's really down-to-earth and he's a great guy.

Scotty McCreery can sing more than country: "My first couple preliminary auditions before I went in front of the judges, I sang Frank Sinatra and John Mayer, so I do different stuff."

Haley Reinhart respects the concept of song choice: "It would be cool to find out how to pick a great song because there are so many components: You're thinking about the audience, how you're going to connect with them and with the judges and with yourself. It's such a big deal and you have a little time to do it."


I'm an Adam Lambert fan...and I personally hope that James does as well as Adam has done because of Idol. If he wins, I am sure Adam would be thrilled for him. This is James' time on Idol... Idol is the 'past' for Adam , and he has moved on. It's time some of the fans do as well. Be happy for James that he has this shot at success, and be thrilled for Adam that he was able to se Idol as a jumping off point, and has gone to what will be an Amazing career. Idol is not the End... it's just the beginning.


I like James and wish him success. I don't think he'll win - not because he's not good enough, but because metal rock is not relevant right now, sad to say. As an Adam Lambert fan I have read many posts from Adam fans on various boards and there are very, very few that say uncomplimentary things about James. I think only one post here dissed him. It's fuel for the fire of the fans of other Idols though. And they have a tendency to make stuff up. Adam likes James. I like James. End of story.


I don't see much of a problem for James from Adam fans. It is the envious fans of less in demand idols who keep trying to say the Adam fans are afraid of James being better. When James gets a Grammy nomination and wins awards around the world and has mostly sold out concerts in the US and internationally, then we can talk. But for right now, I am grateful for James being on the show and I hope he does well. Because if nothing else, he is not a boring faux rocker goodboy like the last 3 idol winners so for that reason alone he has my support.


@SoozinCA...you and I are def on the same page here. Adam's fans, including myself, don't like it when others throw out spiteful; hate filled comments. So maybe, before posting negativity about James, some should remember that they are doing exactly what they fight so hard against...Food for thought...


Adam was the greatest contestant ever to be on AI and everyone knows it (what he has done with his career since is another matter - hopefully he will go the Josh Groban route and dump the club kid route). Many people quit watching Idol because they knew there would never be another Glambert. And there hasn't been, including this guy.


As someone who was enthralled by Adam while he was on ai, I watch this season of great contestants(James and Naima in particular) and realize how mediocre he actually is. "Glamberts" should definitly humble themselves and realize there are other singers out there who are much better at what they do.


I am ashamed to say I'm a Glambert today - because so many have no understanding of how difficult this is for James, or anyone who has Asperger's. I thought what he said was gracious and in fact mimics what Adam tweeted about the comparisons between them the other day. If you are an Adam fan who gets upset about the haters who jump on every article about Adam, please try to refrain from becoming the haters on every article about James that dares to invoke the name of Adam at the same time. There is actually room for both of them in the world of music.


Come on Glamberts!!!! Be kind!! This kind of rhetoric is exactly what Adam does not like from his fans. Adam's persona is always kindness, love and respect. Let's enjoy the AI ride again this season as Adam will be doing. To be sure his comments will be honest and generous.


Looks like some fans are beginning to feel that their idol is being threatened by someone who they really see as a better performer. Why else would they be spouting nonsense on here? There should be absolutely ZERO comparison between the two, because they are both DIFFERENT. As has been stated by the subjects in the title.


The headline pretty much says it all for me. He is no where near the man or performer or vocalist that Adam is, but that being said, I wish him good luck and a little growing up.
Adam has been asked the same questions hundreds of times around the globe but always answers them courteously, thoughtfully, and fully. A highpoint of the fans' day is seeing the love sent to Adam on Twitter by the interviewers. He is always such a gentleman.

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