James Durbin: I'm Not Adam Lambert 2.0!

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Following the news that they were season 10 finalists, all remaining American Idol contestants met with the press last night at the show's after-party.

Among the quotes and tidbits various singers shared on the red carpet, James Durbin was asked about similarities to Adam Lambert. He didn't respond so kindly to the constant comparisons:

"I'm kind of tired of answering that question. We're completely different people stylistically, tone-wise. The only similarity that we have is the high note... He put his foot in the door; I want to try and put my foot straight through the door. He did some rock, I liked it. I want to do some metal like Iron Maiden, ACDC, Ozzy, Sabbath."

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Here's a look at what other finalists had to say, which includes a warning from Karen Rodriguez: Look out, Jennifer Lopez!

Rodriguez told reporters: "Marc Anthony stops by sometimes and he gives me hugs and thumbs up... He's another one of my idols. If there is someone who I would love to sing with and do a duet with, it would be him."

Lauren Alaina likes a judge: "If anyone tries hard enough, they can have a connection with Steven Tyler. He's really down-to-earth and he's a great guy.

Scotty McCreery can sing more than country: "My first couple preliminary auditions before I went in front of the judges, I sang Frank Sinatra and John Mayer, so I do different stuff."

Haley Reinhart respects the concept of song choice: "It would be cool to find out how to pick a great song because there are so many components: You're thinking about the audience, how you're going to connect with them and with the judges and with yourself. It's such a big deal and you have a little time to do it."


"He put his foot in the door; I want to try and put my foot straight through the door."
Is he joking? He only wishes he could have done what Adam Lambert did. People that are saying that listening to James Durbin isn't pleasant are completely right. At a certain point, it is no longer opinion. Adam Lambert IS a better singer.


Totally different singers of different genres. Since i'm a metalhead, i go for James. Whatever control Adam has, he doesn't have the raw approach of James'. And that is what heavy metal is about: just going crazy and you just want to 'ARGHHHHH!!!'. Adam has control over his voice and he may be more careful and all. But James was pure energy. Long live metal! \m/


Wow....two different voices, with the high note in common. I voted for Adam who did make it to the finale, but he gave up. He already has a fan base, I am one of them, but am very disappointed in him, he is not the person does judge, those who judge do not matter, James, and those who matter do not judge. Loving James Durbin. \m/


James's high notes are really really off key and his softer renditions are strained and weak. That is the only reason I am not a fan. Listen to him sing (really listen to him). Don't watch him perform on screen because he moves around a lot and that can be distracting. Just listen to one of his live performances (a change is gonna come, for instance). Yeah, his howl is high as hell (higher than even Adam) but he has no vocal control and no vibrato. He just screeches really loudly at a really high pitch. It is cringe-inducing. My 4-year-old cousin can howl louder than the both James AND Adam, but no one would call that talent. So just because James can scream really high, that doesn't mean he's a good singer. It baffles me what people think constitutes a good vocalist. O_o ...And pity is no reason to vote for somebody. You're just setting them up to fail in the future.


I am a big fan of Adam and when I heard James I just fell in love with his insane high, pure voice. They really are different, it did not come to my mind to compare them. James is like 'a caveman', Adam theatrical. I really hope James is going to get a good contract and his little son can be proud of his dad. Not important whether he wins or not. Did Adam win? No, and look at him now.I do not even remember the winner of that year..So go James go..so many people love you!


Come on... if these guys were at Westminster, Adam would be the giant white fluffy pom-pommy standard poodle and James would be the scrappy fox terrier, both crowd favorites and both worthy of Best In Show. Adam is Broadway, James is LiveAid, rock on Boyfrenz!


how can someone say i like adam better wen we havent even heard james that much he just sang like 3 songs and u guys are juding i really think he has it :) i love him more than adam and im a big fan of adam but now its about u james i believe in u :) keep trying and dont listen to those haters:)


i personally think adam is better....he have a wide range and can hold a note for very long. he has a great character and always respect everybody opinion...go adam!!


I think people should stop trashing either/both of these singers. Adam is a brilliant performer (not mediocre at all LMAO) and James is great too. There should be no need for anyone to put Adam down in order to praise James or vice versa. Adam likes James. James likes Adam. what's the problem with the rest of you?


the problem here is the media fomenting comparisons and using adam's name as often as possible to garner attention. they have done this from the beginning and always in a provocative way. the only similarity between these two is that they can both sing high and sing rock. adam's genre -- i have no idea, the man is a phenomenon and can do sincerity and passion just as well as he can pop-dance or wailing rock. he's also so articulate and full of personality it's hard not to see him as reaching great heights on many levels (e.g., the amount of money he's raised for charity is so impressive already). everyone wishes james the best. he's a metal guy -- and if the first media bite many heard hadn't been a comment of his claiming to best adam (in high notes?), i'm sure this conversation would never have gotten traction.

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