Jacob Lusk Shows Heart, Weakness

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Jacob Lusk closed out the American Idol performance show last night - and may have finally showed some weakness.

The soulful crooner covered a 1987 Heart single, "Alone," coming on a bit strong with the vibrato and coming dangerously close to screeching instead of singing. But the judges still showered the finalist with praise, gushing:

"Gospel had a baby, and they named it Jacob Lusk" (Tyler) and "It is so amazing, so good" (Lopez).

What did you think of this rendition?


He is a powerhouse singer and for those who do not have an ear for that type of soulful singing, you will never appreciate it. For example, I do not like country music. It always sounds "twangy" to me. Not real singing....corny. But, that does not mean that others will not like it or appreciate it. I felt that Jacob did a wonderful job! He has a gift and with any gift, there will always be haters. Just stay true to who you are and press on.


It looks like his singing is painful and hurts him, it sure does me.


just because someone is critiquing* a voice doesnt make them haters! i personally think he has a very strong voice but a its kinda all over the place. this wasnt the best song choice.


The world is full of haters. Jacob Lusk is the best singer Idol has ever had. No discredit to Luther Or Marvin Gaye, but The young man is colder than both of them. They have had much success at hit records and he will too. Jacob if you are reading this I want you to pray for the haters! I'm out!


He has got soul. Possible you have NO idea what that means.


I love the arrangement of the music!His voice was just okay. I wish he would just sing instead of trying to over sing,then it would have been really good! However,he does commit to all of his performances and for that i can't be mad!:)


He has a voice, but guys, he doesn't have the ear. At the tonight results show he did it for the 3rd time, he was completely off the melody. This is inexcusable, it is actually painful to watch and listen to him now that he is consistently off. It's not even "pitchy", he just starts singing in a completely different key, then he finds his way back, but hello, this must have surfaced before and they should have never let him through to the top 24.


HE'S ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!! What are those judges hearing? I don't get it at all. Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, those guys always sang with control and finesse and all Jacob does is SCREECH. He's rarely ever even on key. I'm totally confused on how he's still in this competition. They said early on that it's a SINGING competition and they're looking for the best voice; not the worst voice with the most enthusiasm. What is going on this year???? Thanks for listening.


I do didn't think he sang...'screeching' was more like it in several places. He looked very handsome.

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