Intentional Foul: Evelyn Lozada to Quit Basketball Wives?!?

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Sources say Evelyn Lozada is quitting Basketball Wives.

And it's not because she's actually engaged to a football player.

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According to TMZ, Lozada believes producers committed an intentional foul against her by divulging sensitive information regarding an illicit relationship from her past.

No word yet from Evelyn, but insiders claim she has already sent producers a scathing email because she thinks they revealed this affair tidbit solely to incite a confrontation between her and another woman on the show. Weird. That doesn't sound like a reality TV trick at all!

In other Basketball Wives news, it now appears as though Allison Mathis will NOT be replacing Royce Reed after all.

UPDATE: Evelyn is reportedly demanding $20,000 per episode or she's gone.

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These women need to take a long look at themselves before they end up by themselves


The term low class is so over used these days but unfortunately applies to so many ppl. Nobody more than Evelyn. Man, she is one classless pig. I hope her next athlete hubby is smart & gets a pre-nup.


Like everyday women dont get sucked.into a married mans web please. Now possibly Evelyn did know. I think she presented it at a bad time but it deffenitly was time. But my favorite from the start was Jennifer. But I didnt know she was so foolish. To let her rich husband go over a fling he has before they were married is upserd. Why did she get married then. Jen whatever the that quest. Is then thats the reason u should have stayed. But the damage is now done. And the living is easy" or not. All im saying is" Ive married for less" And haves stayed just to keep that. But thats just me. And come to think about it. Im havent been happy. So take ur stand. I just went from disappointed to proud. By the way I like ur lipstick line. And Good luck girl with whatever u put ur heart to.


Evelyn maybe be pretty but she lacks an ounce of class. The way she talks is disgusting. She tried to bully people when she has back up. The fact that she let Tammy open up to her & went on a trip to Spain all the while knowing she slept with her husband is unforgivable. If the roles were reversed she would want Tammy banned from the show. I guess because Ev never got Antoine to marry her she does not understand, Tammy has children with him & was married to him. Ev talks about "groupies & jump offs" when she is clearly a jersey chaser. She says she doesn't want an athlete but again hooks up with one, she just wants the money & to pop out a kid so she gets support for the next 18 years.