Happy Friday From a Slow Loris With an Umbrella

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Oh, Slow Loris. We love you and those big brown eyes. Doesn't he/she just make you wish you could play wistfully all day, not sit at your stupid computer?

We know. This has nothing at all to do with Hollywood news or celebrity gossip, but think about it. What's not to love about tiny animals holding umbrellas?



Watch the BBC documentary on the slow loris - http://youtu.be/dhpw7UqTVnI - videos like this umbrella one really shouldn't be spread around the internet without information that the pet trade is not only contributing to their endangerment but also to just awful suffering. Watch the documentary. Remove this videol


thank you for this post. it made me smile for the first time today (tuff day @ work!) LOL


Of course, leave it to the Japanese/Chinese to have pets of that species. It's really cute, but at the same time, leave those things to live in the wild with their natural habitat.