Happy Birthday, Ke$ha!

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March 1 marks the birthday of two musical icons for the 21st century.

We've already wished the very best to Justin Bieber, who turns 17 today. Now, we're here to do the same for Ke$ha, a woman who put the dollar sign back into first names and who put James Van Der Beek in her latest music video.

Not gifted with best singing voice on the planet, Ke$ha still knows how to entertain. Watch her rock out in Chicago below and send in happy birthday wishes to this star right now. If you're looking for a present, we hear she likes Jack Daniels and glitter...


love ya hope ya have da best b-day eva


I don't get it. She's like Britney Spears on the way down. Drunken, poorly shaped, bad singing trashy chick but she sells records so more power to her, but I still don't get it.


Happy b-day Ke$ha ur awesome...........................that does not go for justin beiber though


Happy Birthday Ke$ha!!!Ur the best,keep doin wat ur doin!!!We all


happy birthday justin bieber. Happy birthday kesha. Love you guys.....


Happy Birthday Justin Beiber, Ke$ha And Happy Birthday To Me Also We Have The Same Birthday,s March 1st Happy Birthday To Us Love U :)

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Kesha Biography

Ke$ha in Toronto
Ke$ha has quickly become a global singing sensation. Her full name is Kesha Rose Sebert and she was born in Los Angeles. She was featured... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Kesha Rose Sebert