Happy 36th Birthday, Kate Gosselin!

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Kate Gosselin has scarcely been in the news lately, but don't worry: this attention-starved mother of six isn't acting like a responsible parent and staying out of the spotlight or anything.

She's simply filming the new season of her reality show. It premieres on April 4.

As part of this exploitive nonsense, Kate took her children to Australia to kick off 2011. A month later, she appeared on The Talk and tried to actually defend her mothering strategies. Love her? Hate her? Really, really hate her?

Kate turns 36 today and likely wouldn't mind a birthday wish or two.

Kate Gosselin and Children

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I can hear some jealousy on some of these notes. Kate is a great mother and that is that. Some of you really need a reality check in your own lives.


Who are any of you to fully judge her parenting? You're not with her 24/7. She may be in the spotlight more than needed, but that doesn't mean she a bad parent. You people need to grow up and stop being so quick to hate/judge someone.
Happy Birthday Kate.


She can try as hard as she wants but she is the worlds worst mother. She has 2 expelled already and all she teaches these kids is how to take take take and lie lie lie. Like Mother like kids. She is a narcissist who only wants fame and fortune. LOSER


KATE,, Try being a mom instead of being such a media troll... That's right i said "Troll"... You,,, Losing!!! John: Winning!!

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