Happy 36th Birthday, Kate Gosselin!

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Kate Gosselin has scarcely been in the news lately, but don't worry: this attention-starved mother of six isn't acting like a responsible parent and staying out of the spotlight or anything.

She's simply filming the new season of her reality show. It premieres on April 4.

As part of this exploitive nonsense, Kate took her children to Australia to kick off 2011. A month later, she appeared on The Talk and tried to actually defend her mothering strategies. Love her? Hate her? Really, really hate her?

Kate turns 36 today and likely wouldn't mind a birthday wish or two.

Kate Gosselin and Children

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This show is so boring! What is so special about it that it is still on the air? Please, please take it off.


Dear Kate, Belated happy birthday wishes to you. I enjoy your new Kate Plus 8 show.....during the time away, I missed the children. We grew fond of your children. That is part of the fun of watching these lovely people grow up. You are doing a great job......professionally....personally and spiritually. Keep on doing just what you are doing. And the God of creation will send you your just reward....in time. God bless all the Gosselins.


I hope you had a great birthday. Say hi to Cara, Madelyn (Mady), Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. Please send me your email address, so I can keep in touch, as I am a hugh fan and have all your books, DVD's and watched every show that was every aired on TV.


Happy Birthday Kate Gosselin you are a wonderful mother to those eight wonderful kids and I still like your show no matter what you do.


go kate go you look wonderful and more than anything your kids will always come first.you and your kids have done really well i have watched your show from the start and you are a wonderful mum god bless you and your kids please go 2 church with your kids it will help you very much love ya christine xx


HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more. We love you !


kate happy birthday.wow 36.god bless you.


Her b-day wish: To not have any kids, married to a rich hot guy doing nothing all day but getting her nails and hair done. Oh and to work on her cellulite too.


Why does the network even put her on tv? She is not worth watching she receives hughe amounts of money to do what. She takes trips with people who watch the kids except when she is being taped. She is rude to everyone. No wonder she has no friends. Take her off the air and allow the kids to be kids.


Happy Birthday kate!!! and just rember you are a good mom:) keep up the good work....

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