Haley Reinhart: Boring or Roaring?

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Was it boring or did it result in roaring?

Of all the American Idol finalists who took to the stage last night, Haley Reinhart received the most mixed feedback from the judges.

Randy Jackson gave Haley props for going from Alicia Keys one week to LeAnn Rimes the next, but he also referred to her rendition of "Blue" as "sleepy" and "boring." Steven Tyler, conversely, said you could hear the parts of America who loved country western music "roaring" over the performance.

Jennifer Lopez? She just spouted praise-filled nonsense, as always. Watch Reinhart yodel her way through an interesting song choice below and gauge your own opinion on the contestant:

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Really odd this year. Haley sings wonderfully, with great musical chops and gets hammered because she has not chosen a genre of singing and stuck to it. Others, choose a genre and stick to it but sing horribly and get praised. Paul, Jacob, Naiami to name three. I see here as a young Christina A. and really enjoy her.


Boring? The girl has a range that is unbelievable! She can go from a growl to a yodel in 2.3 seconds! She sings pop to country to good ole rock n roll! She's versatile. The whole package! Grow up? Who put that on there and how old are you? She's 20 years old for pete's sake! I think she'll go ALL THE WAY!


If only she does something like 'God bless the child' ... she has got the most unique voice .


my concern is her complete inability to accept constructive criticism. She is talented.
She behaves like a juvenile lounge singer. Now that she is safe, I do hope she grows up a bit in the next week and performs with her ability.


boring. she was fuckin yodeling.


Oh she TORE the roof OFF!!! Yeah sure her other choices let her really put it all out and show her stuff but she showed her versatility here. Haley Reinhart IS American Idol. I know I wouldn't watch if she wasn't competing.


i love her shes my favorite i want her to win!!! HALEY REINHART ALLL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More like make my heart hurt. I hope she goes soon.


she was great, kinda makes you melt hearing her sing