Glenn Beck on Japanese Earthquake: A Message from God...

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Due to his jokes regarding the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the Aflac duck and has issued an apology via Twitter.

This begs the question: will Glenn Beck face similar consequences for his remarks on the subject?

Fox News Pundit

Glenn Beck is "just" saying... God is clearly punishing mankind for our sins.

On his radio show yesterday, The Fox News host labeled the natural tragic, which has taken thousands of lives, a "message being sent" by God. He explained:

"I'm not saying God is causing earthquakes... What God does is God's business. But I'll tell you this, whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus, there's a message being sent," said Beck. "'Hey, you know that stuff we're doing. It's not really working out. Maybe we should stop doing some of it.' I'm just saying."

What do you think of Beck's comments?

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@Charles: Agree! Though what scares me are those who don't think for themselves and take Becks word as truth. This is a man who once said he thought an old ammendment to the constitution that allowed for taxing the import of slaves should be dusted off and used again. He thought it concerned immigration. I'm guessing that fact-checkers and, well, facts, are not things he can be bothered with.


I don't see god punishing us I see the devil doing this to us if u read the bible maybe u will ubderstand that the world could be coming to a end so y everyone has there own comments about the world I don't thing god is punishing us and its just going to just get worse! 2012 end of the world folks wake up! Just saying!


Monkey, I think that You need to take a "Chill Pill!" Asking GOD to "Strike Someone Down" is NOT going to get You any "Good Marks In GOD's Book of Life!" I'm not particularly Religious, but for Myself, I'd NEVER ASK GOD to "Strike Someone Down," even My Worst Enemy! GOD Remembers EVERYTHING that we "Say & Do In This Life!" And, We Have To "Answer For It In The Next Life!" You should remember that if You should remember ANYTHING!


@Charles-absolutely agree. The quickest way to make people kike him go away is to remove his platform.


God did this and God did that huh Glen!!?? Maybe God should strike you down for being such a buffoon!!
Sometimes it seems to me that he just likes to hear himself talk! Idiot!


dumb clown


if god wanted to smite anybody it would be insensitive pricks like beck! Many good, innocent people were killed! People need to show compassion,not judgement!


Concerning Glenn Beck, I voted that "it's his job to stir up viewers". Charlatans and snake-oil salesmen have been doing exactly the same thing for centuries. No need to fire him. If you don't like what he says, don't watch his program. Those who do watch, get what they deserve. IGNORANCE.