Ganked Lindsay Lohan Necklace: For Sale!

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Want to own a piece of overpriced, possible felonious history?

The $2,500 necklace that Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole from a jewelry store - which her attorney has argued was dramatically inflated, in order to have the severity of the theft charge reduced - is officially hitting the auction block.

Kamofie and Co., which recently sold the security footage confirmed that it's now hawking the infamous necklace as well. This time it's for charity at least.

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You too could look like a waifish train wreck. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

"We decided to sell the diamond necklace through auction, and give the proceeds to charity," says the company that alleges Lohan ripped them off.

They're taking recommendations, too: “We invite the public to make suggestions as to the most appropriate charity to receive the sale’s proceeds."

According to the company's rep, the auction will take place AFTER the criminal case is resolved "by plea bargain, or trial or some other means."

If Lindsay has her way, it won't be by plea bargain.


this company makes lindsay look better and better. i'm not saying she's innocent but kamo is obviously using her for publicity. that necklace was hideous anyway. i wouldn't spent $25 on it let alone $2,500

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