Former SNL Cast Member Slams Glee for Intolerance, Gay Kiss

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Victoria Jackson has sounded off again.

Last month, the former Saturday Night Live member sung about how Barack Obama is clearly a Communist. Now, in a column for World Net Daily, Jackson writes that "progressives, communists, liberals, globalists and Muslims want to destroy America" and then focuses on the most recent episode of Glee.

Heather Morris on Glee

It featured two male characters kissing, which led to this excerpt:

Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians — again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of Glee — what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?

Did Jackson just label a gay kiss "sickening" and then call out Glee producers for being intolerant? Forget rain on your wedding day or 10,000 spoons when one really needs a knife.

This is ironic, don't you think?

Does Victoria Jackson have a point?


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ok thats bad and gros SHIT NO


This is not right is somehow 4 a guy kissing a guy no no no is not fear.


People need to get with the times man. Christians or not. Gay or straight. Everyone is born with free will, people should be happy for others happiness wether they agree with the actions or not. Happy is happy period. Love is love.


Glee just shows what real life kids go through and shows its ok to be different gay kisses are all right


I have NO problem watching Blaine and Kurt kiss I argee with Ashlyn and Leni Arif there's nothing wrong about to guys kissing its just like a girl and a guy kissing DUH if you have a problem with it DONT WATCH IT!


oh who is this Victoria Jackson again??... Who cares what she had to say... and Go Glee!... Next...


I personally have no problem with the kiss and gay people but as a christian why do they have to have to single us out as some sort of villian? There are many christians like myself who are pro gay marriage and have much love for the gay community.stop making us out as the bad guy, when alot of us are far from it.


Gross-two guys kissing, ugh!


I personally think kids today might be more accepting of two boys kissing. I will admit, it turns me off completely. I don't find it natural or natural looking at all and I am not too thrilled about my kids seeing this but it's here to stay and as long as people are happy and don't fight then no one gets hurt. We are all entitled to believe in what we feel is right or wrong or what ever, not everyone is ever going to see eye to eye on every subject. Each person, including Jackson herself just needs to worry about how SHE lives her life, not judge out loud how others live theirs.


I watched the episode and I think the kiss was just fine. I felt happy for Kurt and Blaine.No problem for me at all.The scene is just showing how 2 people fell in love.I agree with Ashlyn, if you don't like it, then don't watch it.