Fashion Face-Off: Rihanna vs. The Little Mermaid

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Rihanna poses for Vogue in a Little Mermaid-esque cover shoot this month. The setting and a fashion statement both conjure up images of a Disney heroine.

The ocean. The tight, translucent gown, innocent and yet revealing. Most notably, the flaming red hair, accented with a few waves. The parallels are endless.

Okay, they pretty much end there. Still, who does mermaid fashion right? Can RiRi's sense of style overcome Ariel's half human/half fish advantage? Vote:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looks better, Rihanna or Ariel? The Little Mermaid vs. a Mermaid-inspired photo spread featuring the pop singer. Vote for the winner! View Poll ยป

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hello po sainyo


I really hate this picture of Rihanna. Not only is her red hair repulsive, but that stance is just plain awkward.


a really interesting similarity between rihanna and the little mermaid... I'd like to see her in a 3d movie playing The little Mermaid...


Thanks for the smile.


Ariel for sure! She was and still is one of my favorites of all time :)
Hilarious yamamahoe;p riri can try but like Tyra Banks you can't cover up that massive forehead!


Why don't you come on over Verlarie i mean little mermaid, but what about love, uhmmm what has love got to do with it???


ariel won


Ariel is my FAVORITE Disney princess. "Kiss the Girl" gives me goosebumps every single time!


she should have used sum of tht red hair to cover her huge forehead =]