Fashion Face-Off: Kendall Jenner vs. Kylie Jenner

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Doing what their rich sisters do best, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner walked a red carpet last night.

The duo served as each other's dates for the Los Angeles premiere of Beastly at The Grove, coordinating their black dresses and Tweeting beforehand (via Kylie): Going to the Beastly premiere tonight with @KendallJenner and our best friends! Woohoo girls night!

So boring. Where's the sibling rivalry?!? Let's get the competitive juices flowing a bit by pitting Kendall and Kylie against each other in our latest edition of a THG Fashion Face-Off. Study. Compare. Contrast. And then vote below...

Fashion Face-Off!

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner both came out for the Los Angeles premiere of Beastly. Compare their fashion selections here and vote for the prettiest. View Poll »

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Thay are both smoking hot but kendall takes the cake she is amazing


kylie is WAY more beautiful.


Kendall has that dangerous slutty mean gurl look cuz of her narrowish eyes and Kylie has that innocent happy pure cute puppy dog look, they r both absolutely stunning, I'd say Kendall is sexy and kylie is beautiful! but I personally like Kylie better


OMG Kylie def gotta boob job. Kendall is DEF the pretty one AND the one with some taste in clothes. Frankly Kylie needs a few fashion lessons from Kim or Kris, that dress makes her look old


i like both definetly i think kendall llooks a lot like kim but has the hight of khloe kulie is adorable and i like her because she has fantastic curves i voted for kendall because i liked her dress better


Kendall! shes one of the prettiest girl i've ever seen! shes pretty hot! and kylie looks like a horse her chin is verylong! she like attention than kendall


Kylie is much hotter than Kendall, Kylie is the most beutifull girl I have ever seen.


i think that they are both pretty, not denying it, but i just think that Kendall has the inner and outer beauty because she is beautiful has a greaat body and tall with skinny legs and beautiful hair and eyes and along with it, a gorgeous personality!


ALL of you are so rude! do you understand that every time you say kendall is prettier, you are hurting kylie's feelings! they are both different looking.
Kendall: has an ugly name, gorgeous legs, very pretty, favored over Kylie by complete family
Kylie: has a cute name, big eyes, more friends probably, family doesn't care about her
both have really good hair!


actually the fact is both is beautiful but kendall is more attractive and kylie is more cute..!