FAIL: The Situation Roasts Donald Trump, Himself

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Donald Trump recently took a $2 million pounding for charity. But The Situation, one of the people who roasted The Donald, was really the joke of the night.

Talk about grenades. That's pretty much what the Jersey Shore star offered up to the audience at the Comedy Central event. The guy flat-out bombed.

If you haven't seen it, it's worse than you think. The silence, the boos, the look on Ice-T's face, the Donald looking dumbfounded at how unfunny he is ...

Comedy at its best, albeit of the unintentional variety. Watch now:

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Carmas's a BITCH dude, he had it coming,i was laughing when I saw this (LMAO) at this retard


At last! Someone who udnerstdnas! Thanks for posting!


This Guido has zero talent, aside from being a cock-blocker at the J Shore, he really doesn't have any other talent, what I don't understand is why is this pig vomit getting paid what he is getting paid, one-he is ugly as puke, two-got no game whatsoever (other than lifting his shirt), and three-jokes he ain't got; one thing though, he is cocky as a mother f%$#@!; I'm just glad his moment of reality came in front of millions of viewers and not in the back of some night club, where he could come out, all smiles


that was horrible. no one basically laughed.


I thought that was freakin' GREAT!!! Trump's got so few real friends that they had to get this schmuck to "roast" him! I can't believe some of you guys even admit to watching that show! Hey, if this was done for charity, and I suppose it may well have been, at least some good came out of this douchebag. Once they finished roasting Pam Anderson, they should have quit- there's no way to top that, with what's his name shooting her boobs, and the lovely Courtney Love offering her particular stylings to the show- shoulda quit while they were ahead! Ah, what do I know, people like Trump will always have their sheep following them around licking his shoes for whatever scraps he tosses to them. The "situation" came for his payday, and as such, I say, "Take the money and run"!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha


hahaha saw it, I fucking puked my dinner, It was so awful, cant believe this idiot even gets paid


ok for an amatuer he wasnt THAT the begining... but then he just started talking about fucking chicks and totally ruined it all... either way hes a douche and a tool


why is this video shown on someones tv lol sort of cheesy itself .. but this guy the situation.. is a joke.. I think the money they pay this idiot could go to a much better cause. sickens me. I am suprised.. that Donald even allowed him on the show.. or anyone else for that matter, hes not funny on jersey shore hes just a whiney tattle tale little drama king.. nothing funny here


why is this pud ("the situation") even roasting donald trump? epic FAIL!


At his very best, The Situation is Not smarter than a 5th grader. He is Not the type to be invited to an event where class is required.
At the end of the evening, $2 Million Dollars was raised for charity,and that is what the roast for "The Donald" was all about!!