Emily Maynard & Brad Womack: We're Gonna Make It!

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Despite the difficulties they described in Monday's After the Final Rose special, The Bachelor's Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are still together.

Moreover, both of them are confident that's never gonna change.

"I'm so happily engaged. I've never been happier, I promise you that," Womack tells People, despite significant bumps in the road with his fiancee.

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Chief among the couple's problems? Watching The Bachelor this winter.

As she described after the finale, Emily Maynard had serious issues watching her man woo other women on dates as the season progressed.

It wore on Brad, too. "There have been numerous times where either she or I have said, 'To hell with it. It's just too difficult,'" Womack said.

So much so that fans - and the couple themselves - wondered if it will last. So what kept them together - despite a brief split? Love, of course.

"The hardest part is behind us," Emily says. "I feel pretty confident if we can make it through [the past three months], we'll make it through."

What do you think? Will Brad and Emily last?


i read the article and that's exactly what is said - he has spent thousands of dollars showing her how much he loves her? I mean if that's what it takes to show a woman that you love her, than maybe she is not the right woman. and in the article brad does say that he learned very quickly that louboutin's were the way to win her heart. i loved emily during the show, but seeing her on the ATFR she seemed cold and distant, and rude. and this article just made her seem pretentious and spoiled.


@shameonyou, no really... Shame on you! Nowhere in that People article does Emily say that the way to a woman's heart is through Louboutins. It also doesn't say that Brad said he "had to buy her expensive gifts...to show her she was the one." Don't lie or embellish to get your point across. We can all read the story in black and white and that is not what it says.


if you read the article in people brad says he had to buy her expensive gifts, thousands of dollars on a bracelet and several louboutin shoes to show her she was the one. seriously? that's how you show a woman you love her? it sounds like emily found someone else to piggyback her way. i mean i am sorry but that's just shallow and superficial that you need him to buy you expensive stuff to show he loves you. "a way to a women's heart is through louboutins"?? that's exactly what she said in the article...is so damn shallow and shows just how dumb and childish and fake this girl really is. america fell for an act on tv, but in the article her words make her sound like a pretentious spoiled bitch.


Emily was just in it to win it. Brad chose her because he has strong feelings for her, but she does not feel the same about Brad. Embarrasing.


They are "gonna make it". Exactly what are they going to "make"? A mess?


i think brad is really gud looking mab this time he has really found true love


I really liked her, but she acted immature on the ATFR. She was wa more poised and mature on the actual show. He doesn't need a child and she's acting like a child. She either needs to move on, or let him be with someone that appreciates him. He didn't do anything wrong. And he treated her differently than the other women. And if she can't see that - she's crazy.


Only Brad knows what's in Brad's heart. Only Emily knows what's in Emily's heart. I hope happiness for each of them, but I doubt it is with each other. Fighting happens AFTER the honeymoon, not before. When you need counseling and therapy BEFORE the wedding, watch out. You don't belong together. That's okay! Accept it and move on. Just because you were in a television show, and just because the whole world was watching doesn't mean you should force a marriage. Marriage should be welcomed with joyful hearts and naturally. Not by force. Why are they trying to force it?


i place my bet on this relationship NOT lasting.


Thanks Angie...love, love, love that song!

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