Ellen DeGeneres to Selena Gomez: LIAR!

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Selena Gomez is such a liar.

So states Ellen DeGeneres during an interview that will air today.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Pic

Joking around with the young singer, the comedian pulls out a clip from a few months ago, one in which Selena laughs off rumors about dating Justin Bieber by referring to him as akin to a "little brother."

Ellen DeGeneres gifted Selena Gomez with the ultimate present: a Justin Bieber pillow.

"He's not like your little brother, is he?" Ellen asks the blushing star. "No, he's not. And he's a fantastic guy. You can't try to hide that forever."

This is the second time this month that Gomez has been faced with questions about Bieber on a national talk show. Watch her react to David Letterman's inquiries HERE and check out Ellen and Selena's humorous Q&A HERE.

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if selena wants to date justen so be it what is with you. can't she have a normal love life without you keeping on asking her about it. so back of because if your where in here shoes would you be appset too. you should think about tehat the next time you ask her sometheing personal or something else.and another thing you are animals for doing what you do wich is humeleyayet every one just to have a story and don't get fired from your patheric job.but you should know that celeberties are humans too, not like you. you are cold hearted people that don't care for anyone but thereselves.


justin doesnt deserve selena! justin is a baby faced moron and sel is gorgeous! go sel!


She deserves a man not jb jbs not man


What's the big deal? You shouldn't hide the truth unless he's too young for her. What ages are they?


selena gomaz and justin bieber are literally the cutiest celebrity couple there is.. and im not saying this to be like oh ya im kissing up to jb.. im saying it because its true... all uu girls that are like omg break up there not cute are only saying that because u got it threw your mind that your going to marry him well get it threw your head that your not. and if you were a real fan you would want him to be happy and alone he isnt happy. so literally take a step back and think about real life time.


poor selena. the girl was on her way to making a name for herself, now she's just going to be known as the beib's girlfriend. it's all anyone cares about now.


but only Selena talked about it, never, repeat never seen any comment from Justin on this topic


soo is selena gomez and justin bieber really datin or not?
like seriously they are a horrible couple.
i seen like picture, videos of them kissing, holding hand, hugging! i reallt wanna know if it is true