Dr. Conrad Murray Implies Michael Jackson Killed Himself, Cites Broken Syringe as Potential Proof

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In a major development in the Michael Jackson case, lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray want to see prints from broken syringe found in the late icon's bedroom.

Sources say they think this item may prove Michael Jackson killed himself, a long-held defense theory that has been floated but not aggressively pursued until now.

Dr. Murray's lawyers are looking to obtain a first generation fingerprint to determine who was handling it. Murray is adamant that he never touched the thing.

Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in MJ's June 25, 2009 death.

Whether he injected or even chugged Propofol, the defense believes MJ suffered a massive overdose of the anesthetic while Murray was out of the room.

Defense sources insist that there were only two people in the room at the time (they likely tried to pursue the missing surveillance tape to back this up).

Since Murray did not break the syringe, Michael must have. Or so they claim. The defense is asking the FBI to deliver the first generation fingerprint.

You buying it? Tell us: Dr. Conrad Murray is ...


I wish they would try to set Murray, then I'll be pissed off.


what the media is pissing me with stories mostly tabloids reporting this crap the media wants to believe he killed himself and they trying to get the public to fall 4 this crap only the haters believe this BS MJ fans will never support him i be glad when this be over . im not going to believe not 4 one second mike inject himself all of sudden the mainstream media CNN ,headline news etc doesn't want to report on this so much y cause their so much proof 4 the DEA to dispute this so the trashy tabloids has their hands over this and i will never trust anything the tabloids say esp when it comes to mike and if this so called syringe with mike fingerprints on it does exist why didn't the doctor bring this up when being question by the police if that the case then he confess giving him the drug u gotta be an idiot to fall 4 the tabloids stories i just hope the jury doesn't fall 4 it i just hope they make the right choice


The dude is guilty. He's trying to put the blame on a dead man. Dude needs to fry for killing the all-time greatest singer.


Has it ever occurred to anyone that while wearing medical gloves (to hide his finger prints and keep up his charade of being a safe doctor) Murray smashed the syringe himself?? Broken syringe is not proof of anything, we don't even know who broke the syringe! Seriously think about it people!!



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