Donald Trump Takes Comedic Roasting For Charity

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Raising money for a good cause? Showing he can take a joke? Preparing for the rigors of a 2012 presidential run? Maybe a little of all of the above?

Whatever the motivation, Donald Trump raised $2 million for charity in N.Y.C. last night by enduring an epic verbal pummeling on Comedy Central.

There's certainly no shortage of material with this character.

The roast of The Donald, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, was not an event he was stoked about at first, but he quickly volunteered when offered $2M.

Trump plans to donate the FULL amount to charity. The special airs March 15.

Jokes aside, the real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice creator is really mulling a run for the White House, sending an aide to Iowa this week.

What do you think about a possible Trump candidacy?


Still a plutocrat but better than an entrenched politician who is also a plutocrat. Maybe he could fund a bunch of independents? DT should know that both GOP/Dem., even Tea Party will sink the country. No sincerity at all, just more good cop/bad cop while the country sinks itself. And easier on the Foreign fronts, lots of potential there though had better be AFTER a term in office IF victorious. Nothing worse than conflict of interest, vested interest in a politician. One thing DT could offer, is that investigations and prohibitions into NEUROTECH or similar type technology (i.e. nanotech etc.) will not be tolerated, freedom of mind is something important for everyone, and aas a hotelier, I think he'd put any and everyone under his personal protection who uses the hospitality industry, good practices and stuff like that. Do someting good for the world!


Anything for charity. For "The Donald" to have to sit still long enough to get roasted and "toasted" had to be one hair raising event for all, but worth it for a good cause!!


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