Donald Trump Exploring Presidential Bid in Iowa

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A top Donald Trump associate is heading to Iowa next week to promote a potential presidential bid by the billionaire real estate developer and celebrity.

Michael Cohen, a V.P. and counsel to the Trump Organization, is off to Des Moines to meet with top GOP lawmakers, operatives and volunteers today.

Iowa hosts the first presidential caucus, scheduled for February 6. "I'll be gauging the reception I feel he would have if he comes to Iowa," Cohen said.

Trump has hinted he may run several times, but has yet to decide on an official bid. He told reporters in Iowa he would campaign hard there if he does run.

"I will meet many people, maybe all of the people" in Iowa, Trump told The Des Moines Register. "If I decide to run, I will be shaking hands with everybody."

Trump has said he would decide by June whether he'll run.

Cohen is a co-founder of Should Trump Run, a website formed to boost interest and grass-roots support for a Trump candidacy ... should such a thing occur.

He's rich, he's famous, he's successful, he's not afraid to tell you what he thinks, and perhaps most importantly, the GOP field has no clear favorite, so ...

What do you think: Should Trump run?


"The Donald" is Not going to run for president. He will continue to keep his Name in the News to promote himself and his businesses. This man has a phobia about shaking hands and I do Not for one moment see him hugging and kissing other people's babies. I do Not see this man leaving his Penthouse for The White House. I do Not see a future with Melania and Trump riding on buses and campaigning long into the night eating chili dogs along the way. I do Not see Trump being a comic strip character every day in the editorials, and last,but certainly Not least I believe a yearly check totaling
$400,000.00 would Not be sufficient salary for The Trumpster.
Not for one moment do I see Trump giving up his lucrative show,and Art of the Deal Mergers for the aggravation of being called Mr. President!!


TRUMP should run! He has commonsense.


LMAO! No way,just no way. Though if it came down to Trump or Palin I'd go for Trump.


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