Diddy Dirty Money: "Coming Home" on American Idol

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American Idol delivered a pair of contrasting, impressive performance on its first finalist results show of the season last night.

First, Adam Lambert went acoustic on an inspiring version of "Aftermath," receiving a standing ovation for his effort.

Then, Diddy Dirty Money (we think that's his name these days) took to the stage, accompanied by Skylar Grey, and gave the audience a version of the hit "Coming Home." He also gave the contestants some advice:

"I would say you get out of life what you put into it. You have to keep on practicing, keep on rehearsing... Keep God first in your life and don't stop. Don't ever stop."


love the pros and past idols on result night, sort of a tradition I enjoy. It doesn't hurt the newbies being exposed to them either.Diddy and Adam Lambert made for a good show.It's always sad when someone is eliminated and their family looks so sad too.


Say what?? Don't understand your comment,AT ALL!!


It's incredibly appalling that he found the need to impose his god to the contestants on national tv.


American Idol results nights are always filled with professional performances. This isn't new.


Hi, another good season but, why pros and past singers are a major distraction. It is about the current singers not the past. You may be falling into the forgetable like survivor has. A good program but if this continues you will loose a viewer. Thank you

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