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So she still looking for handouts huh?? Guess at her age she still hasn't learned to do things for herself. Maybe if she got a J.O.B., her and her now ex husband wouldn't have had to stuggle so much in these hard times. Nothing is free in this world lady!!


This woman has not a single redeeming quality. She's low class, uneducated, foul mouthed, jealous & petty. Congrats to Simon on the divorce. He was far to decent a guy for her. Hopefully his next wife will enjoy staying home w/ family instead of going out every night acting like a single, 20 yr old drunken booze bag.


This dried up hag is so full if shit! Is she saying this to stay in the limelight? She's old enough to know better to not take drinks from a stranger.....what woman doesn't? I just find her sickening; why is she still on Housewives when she's divorced? Yuck.

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