Did Lady Gaga Steal "Born This Way" From South Korean Girl Group?

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For someone who prides herself on being unique, this is the second time in as many months that Lady Gaga stands accused of being anything but.

Gaga's hit single, "Born This Way," was criticized for sounding strikingly similar to Madonna ("Express Yourself") upon its release earlier this year.

Now it's fans of South Korean girl group SNSD crying foul, claiming "Born This Way" is SO similar to their hit "Be Happy" that it may be plagiarism ...

Thoughts? Is there anything to it? It's worth noting that the first wave of controversy basically died when Madonna said she supports Gaga's hit.

The track, from SNSD's album Oh!, came out in early 2010. Some pop songs will sound similar. It's inevitable. Plagiarism is a different matter.

What do you think? Did Gaga rip off "Born This Way"?

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Well, SNSD even though they sounds same to Lady Gaga, But they have no right to say that, because in korea there had been a contorversy about SNSD sounds simlar to Kesha and Rihanna songs.
But SNSD mangerment company they just denied their fact. However If you really compare SNSD songs to Rihanna and Kesha songs there has many part which you might is really simlar. If this problem has been bigger, most people think it's a plagiarism.
I think SNSD should be come down.


Cheryl Helm...Spoken like someone that truly is tone deaf. And by the way, they wouldn't be comparing these songs if they didn't sound alike you moron!!


As a korea person I am really shamed about this shit. The korean girl group I think they try to get more power from Lady gaga and that's really weird thing.
Honestly their singing is just sucks when you hear it in live.
I think SNSD they really sound smilar to "express yourself"


This is not at all a valid claim.Only similarities that were actually there were with 'Express Yourself',to some extent.


Lmao right stacey,She's at the top of her game,so basically all these irrelevant artists are trynna make the use of it.


Oh,one more.So,By end of the year,people would say she ripped off every song ever made to make one 4 min song? STFU!!


Rebekah, regardless of the message (which I do not support) the whole point is that it does sound the same...Its called plagiarism you Lady gaga worshiping little troll.


who gives a damn if it sounds the same.it has a diffrent meaning.this is speaking out for homosexuality and other things ok.and tom shut the fuck up with the "clone this way" shit.lady gaga is more powerful than you so shut the fuck up and grow some balls>(


Yeah...Drawing inspiration from is basically a copout way of saying "I stole it and Im gonna try and get away with it by saying i was inspired by it""...Give me a break!! Perhaps her new album should ba called "Clone this Way" instead of "Born This Way"...


well ya it sounds a whole lot alike but that doesnt mean anything. you can match any 2 songs nowadays that sound a lot alike. she probably heard this song & loved it along with express yourself & made her own that sounds similar. so what its not plagiarism! thers a difference between drawing inspiration from a song and ripping off a song.

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