Did Lady Gaga Steal "Born This Way" From South Korean Girl Group?

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For someone who prides herself on being unique, this is the second time in as many months that Lady Gaga stands accused of being anything but.

Gaga's hit single, "Born This Way," was criticized for sounding strikingly similar to Madonna ("Express Yourself") upon its release earlier this year.

Now it's fans of South Korean girl group SNSD crying foul, claiming "Born This Way" is SO similar to their hit "Be Happy" that it may be plagiarism ...

Thoughts? Is there anything to it? It's worth noting that the first wave of controversy basically died when Madonna said she supports Gaga's hit.

The track, from SNSD's album Oh!, came out in early 2010. Some pop songs will sound similar. It's inevitable. Plagiarism is a different matter.

What do you think? Did Gaga rip off "Born This Way"?

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There's a lot of parallels with South Korean music and Lady Gaga for some reason. Emotion by Big Bang sounds a lot like Poker Face. I really think it's just their style of pop music.


ayya, First, Run Devil Run isn't belong to Kesha, she just sing it. she isn't the owner, 2nd, K-pop bought the song from the owner, and recover it in Korean, now what? 2nd. u live to enjoy music, not burning songs and curse singers


EVen though some snsd fan says it's totally rip off, but they have nothing to say. This kind of fight is just meaningless, you know music is just about enjoying not fighting each other.


well I LOVE SNSD and Lady Gaga but i don't feel that SNSD has much credit.........i mean they did take Ke$ha's Run Devil Run so.... yeah i honestly don't give a damn at this point


I love SNSD.but I don't care baout this issue.SNSD fighting.


lady gaga was working on Born This Way for over a year and a half...so i HIGHLY doubt she copied SNSD. this is such a biased article!


Well, I don't care about plagarism. And I Admitted that steven is too biased, some of them is right but he got the wrong arguments. But I Know SNSD they did Lip sync 2011 02/02 on the boradcasting. So I would rather support Lady GAGA who can really do In live.


The article is wrong. SNSD DID NOT say dat gaga copy their song. Its E-Tribe(composer) dat say so. Onli the company & composer can make de allegation.


Auto tune is used alot these days in pop songs. So it wouldnt be the worse way as it has become a common practice in mainstream music. I believe you should find a better reason to suggest hate on another artist. I believe that this argument has nothing to do with SNSD at all, it is the producers of the song that brought the plagiarism issue up. You seem a bit biased in your opinions there towards Lady Gaga, Do some research :P


If you are being Gaga hater, Just be SDSN hater. Because SDSN they use auto tunes which is really worse way. Even though I am Korean I cannot support them, their sing style is just awful.

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