Denise Richards: Disgusted by Charlie Sheen!

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Denise Richards is apparently smarter than she often sounds.

The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen has allegedly barred the off-the-rails actor from seeing the former couple's daughters, Sam and Lola. Why? Because she's "disgusted" by his recent actions/comments, a source tells TMZ. And she simply doesn't trust him.

At His Own Roast

Richards has specific reasons to feel this way, beyond the mere words coming out of Sheen's mouth.

According to the restraining order filed this week by Brooke Mueller, Sheen told those around him that he "hated" Denise and wanted "her haired shaved off." Insiders say this rant came about after Richards refused to pose for a photo with Sheen, their daughters, Brooke, her sons ... and Sheen's "goddesses," Rachel Oberlin and Natlie Kenly.

Perhaps we were too quick to judge Richards and her reality show a couple years ago. It really is complicated for this actress.

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@ Jo - are you always this stupid? It is Denise's right to receive alimony from Charlie for his two daughters. He is the father after all and he divorced Denise not his daughters. You also obviously don't know much but Denise has been and still is working to support herself and her daughters. Where do you think she got money from to purchase her home? No Charlie. So please put your brain into gear before you open your stupid mouth or go out and read up on Denise and how she has cared for her kids. She does not get supported by Charlie, only her daughters.


His sick because he is a drug addict. Hes sick now and bipolar because he is off drugs. Damned if you do damned if you dont. I think I want to be a "Winner" too. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the ride!


Denise Richards is mad because her cash cow Two and & Men is done, she got millions off that show and she actually got millions in alimony all while crying poor to get her kids on a reality show, Denise is a fraud . Anyone say NIKKI SIXX??


Finally, an article about Charlie Sheen.


Here we go again hollywood mariages neva last 4 one simpo rizon. God is not put 1st in th mariage they cal priests n mary in chrchs and thr afta 4get God of cors they wil b miserable and hav nasty break ups. Only God can heal thease wounds and bring peace!


Just because Charlie is off the wall crazy, doesn't make Richards a normal person. I mean she put her children on a reality tv show for god's sake and she has had her share of public behavior


When a woman leaves a man while still pregnant with his child, there's usually a very good reason. Charlie needs to grow up - soon. He's like a spoiled child who gets everything he wants, cause when he doesn't - there's hell to pay for everyone within a 1000 mile radius of him.


If Charlie Sheen is bipolar, he has a mood disorder. He uses bad judgement, is impulsive and grandiose. He needs help and I'm angry with his father who doesn't take legal steps to get him treated. He could be a normal, but still upbeat, funny guy if treated with Depakote or Neurontin. He would be happier. All the gossip columns are making money off his crash and burn. Would they do the same if he had cancer or kidney disease? It's not a character defect; it's a chemical imbalance in his brain. Charlie cannot control himself, because he is sick. People who have a mental disorder are crazy, funny, wacked and can help their behavior---NOT! Get out of the Dark Ages, People. You have no clue how his behavior is symptomatic of his disease. There's such a pervasive stigma against mental disorders in this world that most people won't seek treatment. He and his family are in denial and everyone is blaming the victim. Is it so hilarious to all of you ignorant people?


@CharlieMuk: She is not getting back at him or using the children. She is protecting them. It's called being a mom. To allow her children to be around someone so mentally unstable would be disgusting.


I agree that he has a brain chemical imbalance. He fits the profile of a bipolar individual. They are often very, very bright, talented, and creative, but fall far short on impulse control and stability. A lot of great artists, composers, writers, etc. throughout history had these problems. His drug and alcohol use and promiscuity are just self-medication when he is looping the poles of erratic highs and lows. Yes, he really seems to have a mental condition, although many of these types can be very high-functioning, like Ted Turner or Vivien Leigh. They're also very persuasive and often very compelling and attractive, but WOE is anyone who marries or falls in love with them!! OUCH all the way!